ScriptoSphere Audio Transcription Services: Pricing Details

General Transcription of a clear audio - $1.20 per minute

Per minute of Audio classified as Type 1

  General Transcription of unclear audio - $1.15 per minute

Per minute of Audio classified as Type 2

  General Transcription of very bad and unclear audio - $1.40 per minute

Per minute of Audio classified as Type 3


Clean and clear audio

Digital quality recording

No disturbance

High Bitrate

Digital studio recording

One-on-one Interviews

Radio shows, podcasts


Unclear audio

Analog recording

Moderate disturbance

Low bitrate

Static noise

Two to three speakers



Highly unclear audio

Bad audio recording

High disturbance

Recorded in crowded area

Heavy foreign accents

Multiple speakers

Seminars, conference

Rates above are for the standard TAT of 2 business days. For details on RUSH rates and TAT, please go to our Policy page.

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