Best tools for accurate translation – Part 1

Best tools for accurate language translation – Part 1

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Are those guys even translating text above?  What are those, math equations?  Anyway, let’s say you need to do some translation from one language to another, perhaps to post a really good French quote on Twitter, but in English, or maybe you’re just curious what Omelette du Fromage from Dexter’s Laboratory really means . What would you do?

Unless you were living under a rock, the next reveal isn’t really going to blow your mind away.  There’s Google translate, copy-paste your text, select the language and voila!

Now, Google is good, but sometimes the outcome you get doesn’t really make sense. It’s good to translate a sentence here and there, but if the text is too long, if the phrase length is more than the average, if the words in your text are not commonly used, or even more importantly, your text doesn’t respect the usual rule of word order in the phrase (word order typology – the study of the order of the syntactic constituents of a language – commonly subject–verb–object (SVO), then your outcome might stray far away from the true meaning of the initial text.

In this case, you would need professional help.  No, not the psychiatric kind, the grammar and linguistics kind.  Although I can give you some really solid life advice if you buy me beer and pizza.

Below are some things that can help you:

Babylon 10 Translation Software
Babylon 10 translation software

As its name suggests, it’s a dessert.  No, it’s a translation software.  What it doesn’t say however is that it also a really good dictionary for many languages.  There’s a free version and a premium one.  We are using the premium version for about 10 years now.  It’s gotten upgraded and improved over the years, but I must admit it never disappointed me even in the past, it was always very useful.

This would be our first recommendation for you to buy or if your text is not something very specialized, you can even use the free version and translate your text. Nevertheless, translating words is but the first step in translating a whole document. The next big step is adaptation of your raw translated text to the requirement of that specific language.

If you can’t be bothered to buy the software above, or don’t have time to do the translation yourself by spending hours editing Google translated text, then you can trust us to do the job for you and provide 99% accurate translation service, that is a guarantee.  More info below:

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