28 04, 2016

Boost productivity with audio transcription

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Use the benefits of audio transcription to boost productivity boost productivity with audio transcription

We’re in 2016 now, and all business professionals or entrepreneurs today manage more than half of their daily tasks using mobile devices.  A lot of times people draw inspiration from what’s around them; like an inspiring quote or a seminar from an esteemed celebrity, motivational speaker, something you read in a book, or the video of a guy falling down stairs.  I don’t know why you would draw inspiration from the last one, but hey, whatever floats your boat!  🙂 Anyway, following are some of the ways you can use our online audio transcription service to boost your productivity and get more done in less time:

1. Dictate your thoughts and ideas:

If you can’t find time to write down or type your ideas into a […]

26 04, 2016

Documentary Transcription

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Subtitles and closed captioning for documentaries

 man filming with a video camera, video transcription, documentary transcription

Documentary transcription?  Whether it’s a documentary on your local fishermen.  Whether it’s a corporate video for a multinational.  Or a literal wild goose chase *cough* pointlessly chasing yeti and making a 20 episode season off it *cough*.  Or simply a detailed production of pawning a plastic doll from 1970, and the ultra-interesting negotiation that follows for the next half an hour.  Subtitles always add a nice, and helpful, touch to your finished product.

Reaching an international audience is the first obvious benefit.  Also, one seriously needs to consider adding subtitles or closed captions.  That especially in cases where the speaker may be hard to understand for non-native speakers of the language.  An audio transcription company like ScriptoSphere […]

23 04, 2016

Online Audio Transcription Services for Book Authors

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Online Audio Transcription Services for Book Authors

Value of online audio transcription for a writer


Depending on the kind of genre they specialize in, all book authors conduct field interviews to have material for their book. So, whether it’s self-help, travel, health, guide, religion, spirituality, new age, science, history, art, biographies etc.  Even fantasy authors may need to do field research on dragons and interview some of them.  Or at least ask their friend to pretend to be a huge dragon.  Rawrr!


When authors do research for their latest projects, it is absolutely crucial for them to keep track of all their recordings and notes.  Which is why most writers carry a recorder with them at all times.  (Drats, my time machine teleported me back to the 2000s).  Smartphones!  Everyone carries smartphones these […]

21 04, 2016

Transcription Service versus Voice Recognition Software

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Transcriber vs Terminator audio transcription vs voice recognition

Can Humans hold a candle to AI in audio transcription?  And more importantly, not lose shamelessly? We find out.

Robots are taking over, literally.  Not really.  Did Gmail just ask me if I want to attach something to my email, because I wrote the word “attached” in it? Yup, robots are definitely taking over.  Our lives today are governed by software and apps, whether you’re at work or at the gym, in the kitchen or in the evening for leisure.

1. Technology rules all.

We go to an expensive restaurant, and our smartphones magically pop out as soon as the food comes.  Just so we can show to our friends (or rub it in their faces to be precise) how much more drunker and fattier our evening is compared to theirs.  So, yes, tech has given us embarrassing new tools […]

21 04, 2016

Free tools to convert audio and video

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4 free tools to convert audio and video into other formats

convert audio file formats for transcription

We’ve received tons of requests from clients eager to know how to convert audio/video to an acceptable format. So that they can send it to us for transcription.  Because it works fine in the recorder, but just wouldn’t play on their computer.  Or on our computers for that matter.  (Not really, we can play everything! 🙂 Okay, with that humblebrag out of the way, we realize that not all clients have devices equipped with file conversion software.  We use a number of file conversion software; essential for our business.  For the same reason they can’t convert their audio to text.  Because you require a computer with a specific set of hardware and software for that.


One of the most common formats we get for

20 04, 2016

Ways to save money on audio transcription

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Save money and pay less for online audio transcription services coins, save money on transcription, transcription rates, affordable transcription

Invest in a good recorder or get a good app

If you’re doing this often.  Let’s say you’re a journalist, or you have to interview a 100 people for your doctoral thesis, then it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality digital recorder.  Or simply get a recorder app for Apple or Android from their respective app store.  If you use a Windows computer, you can make and record calls via Skype.  There are lots of add-ons these days to record calls via Skype.

Record in a quiet place

While you and the interviewee is talking, no one, and I repeat, no one wants to listen to Godzilla and King Kong tearing each other’s limbs off in the background.  Or a Beach Boys […]

20 04, 2016

Best sound cards 2016 for transcription

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Best sound cards in 2016 for sound clarity and audio transcription Whether you’re an audiophile or not — wait wait, hold up, what’s an audiophile?  Ans.  People with a psychotic case of OCD relating to music.  BTW I am an audiophile. Audio transcription, audiophile, get it?  No?  Now that we have that cleared up, let’s go forward.  So, whether you’re an audiophile.  Or a gamer.  Or a transcriber.  Or a quality analyst.  Or simply like high tech stuff inside your computer; you can not go wrong with a decent sound card.  These not only make your audio output crystal clear, but also give your overall sound output a REAL boost.  Even dirt cheap entry level sound cards can make Hotel California sound like at your local concert.  Imagine what the creme-de-la-creme of the sound card world can do for you!  So, without further ado, let’s get […]

18 04, 2016

SEO benefits of sermon transcription

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Why you should get your sermon transcribed church sermon, sermon transcription

Whether you enjoy your Sunday morning prayers or not.  Whether you’re religious, atheist, agnostic or straight up Lucifer, everyone enjoys listening to sermons.  Because whether their faith or belief collides with yours, there are always interesting anecdotes in every sermon.  And positive teachings are always good to learn from.  A lot of churches produce sermons online these days, as it’s a perfect new avenue to increase their flock from.  While it is a commendable effort spreading the good word, they have to understand that simply publishing good weekly sermons is only half the job done.  Let’s delve a bit deeper into how they can reach more people:

Better SEO:

For the layman not familiar with this term, SEO is simply Search Engine Optimization.  In simplest English, it means there are a […]

17 04, 2016

Sermon Transcription

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Sermon Transcription church transcripts, sermon transcription

Can we call sermon transcription the holiest form of transcription?  Sermons have been an integral part of all Christians growing up.  At least it was in mine.  In today’s world, between all the turmoil, it is nice to see some people have belief.  Especially if they hold onto that belief strongly in the face of all scientific evidence.  To each their own, live and let live.  For those who don’t know, a sermon is an oration by a prophet or a member of the clergy.  Usually pastors and priests these days.  They can be very thought provoking, entertaining, or hate filled.  Also, extremely boring, depending on who is giving the sermon.  Just as it is for many things in life.  What’s most important for a pastor, a […]

16 04, 2016

Import text from multiple documents in MS Word

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How to import text from multiple documents in Microsoft Word 2013 ms word insert multiple files

Doesn’t it become tedious to copy paste data from different documents into one?  Fear not, we are here, with our humility….and word…processing knowledge.  There’s an easy way to insert content from multiple files into one document.  You can insert data from up to 15 files into one file, which otherwise would take you and a team of 20 gnomes 10,000 light years to do.  That is if you were to copy and paste text from each individual file one-by-one.  Microsoft Word 2013 can do that for you in one click, or two…..maybe three.  *Cough*, just look below:

  1. In your document, put your cursor in the exact position where you want to paste your data from multiple documents.
  2. Now, click on the Insert tab at the top.  Under […]
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