26 05, 2016

Online audio transcription and your online presence

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Benefits of Online Audio Transcription for your Website, YouTube Channel, Podcast and Online Presence laptop, online audio transcription

Online Audio Transcription to improve your online presence

Whether you’re a YouTuber, a Podcaster, a radio show producer, a blogger, writer, PhD candidate, book author, Spellcaster, Bladerunner, or bodysnatcher.  Or you simply have a website that writes about tech or popular culture, you need online transcription services more than you think.  Radio shows and other forms of broadcasting have gone online.  Exclusively in some cases.  It’s 2016, internet gains a massive foothold in mainstream mass media every single day.  YouTuber is self-explanatory, unless you live under a rock with mobile data.  If that is the case, I don’t even know how you’re reading this.  Anyway, one of the terms “Podcaster” simply means one who produces podcasts.  Podcasts are basically weekly or […]

26 05, 2016

New Moto X phones to be modular

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New Motorola Moto X phones reported to be modular Moto X 2016, modular moto x

Along with the possibility of 50% faster latest generation processors in new smartphones in 2016, other fresh rumors floating about the brand new 2016 Moto X are quite interesting.  Reports are now suggesting that the new phone will be modular.  Which means you will be able to change your backplates or covers with a variety of capabilities.  Also, there are two new Moto X phones, the Vertex and Vector Thin, both of them modular.

Furthermore, VentureBeat reports: “The phones’ backplates have a line of 16 dots near the bottom.  And these are not speaker ports.  They’re connection pins.  Motorola has designed six “Amps” (modules) that add new features to the phone, including stereo speakers, a battery pack, a camera grip with flash and optical zoom. […]

25 05, 2016

Interview transcription and its benefits

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Interview Transcription and how it benefits you

Why you should get your interviews transcribed?  Interview transcription can be hugely beneficial for you.  Whether you’re a PhD candidate, podcaster, sermon pastor/producer, multinational firm or healthcare provider.  Or a crocodile hunter, Gollum impersonator, etc.  Interview transcription is the standard and most common data management strategy in research.  Furthermore, which is widely considered as the analysis and interpretation of data.

Interviews are being used increasingly as a tool for collecting information for various purposes such as health issues, education, social issues etc.

Types of interviews

The process of interview transcription can be thought of as a continuum with two dominant modes;

  1. Every utterance is transcribed in as much detail as possible. (VERBATIM)
  2. Various idiosyncrasies of speech, such as grammar, can be corrected.  Also, interview noises such as stutters […]
21 05, 2016

4 ways to extract audio from video files

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4 ways to extract audio from video files soundwave, digital transcription

We accept audio or video files for transcription.  No limit on the number of files or size either.  However, maybe you’re in a hurry.  You may need only the audio, or may have slower upload speed.  Below are some easy ways to extract audio from video files.

Before we delve deeper into the ways you can do this though, one of the easiest ways to convert video to audio is with a converter or sound editing software.  For example, Sound Forge or Sony Vegas work great for this.  You can simply open the video file, and then “Save As” an MP3 file or any of the number of different audio formats.  If not, then here are some free and equally easy ways to extract audio from video files:

1. Extracting the […]

20 05, 2016

5 steps to get the best quality audio recording for transcription

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How to get the best quality audio recording for transcription smartphone microphone, recording audio for transcription

A ton of our transcription clients pay extra to get bad quality audio files transcribed.  Not that we’re complaining about getting paid extra!  But we know how crucial saving money can be for someone, regardless of their financial status.  Quality of an audio recording can be bad due to a number of reasons, namely background noise, crosstalk, static and ambient noise, faint voice, speaker too far from the microphone, Godzilla vs King Kong etc.  Anyway, we hope this post can help you record better quality interviews.  Which in turn will help a transcription service such as ours, give you 100% accurate transcripts faster, and at a nominal cost to you.  You will save time AND money.  Below […]

20 05, 2016

Benefits of transcribing business seminars

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Business Transcription: Transcribing corporate events and seminars: Why do it?

conference room, business transcription, conference transcription, seminar transcription

Whether you’re organizing or managing a corporate event like a business seminar, keynote, TED talk, product launch, trade show or an IT fair, you’d ideally want your guests to extract the most out of that event.  Business transcription is very helpful in these cases.  Sure, your audience can record the various presentations, keynote speeches and Q&A sessions while sitting in the audience and note down the key points, but really how much can you extract from a recording?  What if you need to publish a thorough review or full transcript of the event on your website or blog, further extending the marketing of that event?  What if you need to send all participants key extracts from the event?  This […]

17 05, 2016

Audio transcription: How it all started

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Roots of Audio Transcription

 egyptian scribe, audio transcription

You would think audio transcription must have been invented once humans figured out how to record audio.  Sounds logical, yeah?  Maybe not.  Now, I’m not saying Imhotep was transcribing on his golden clay tablet while his slaves were building the pyramids.  Speaking of which, if it were to happen, I wonder what would he be transcribing? “Tap, tap, rock stacking, tap, another rock, tap, tap, boom, ahhhh my back!” tsk tsk.  Just kidding, tablets are terrible for transcription.

Anyway, scribes existed during those times.  A very distinguished job, required a qualification not easily attained, not a bachelors in pyramids I presume.  But whatever was equivalent at that time.  Scribes would attain their certification attending special scribe school for up to 4-5 years, where they […]

11 05, 2016

Role of a Proofreader in Audio Transcription

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What does a proofreader or quality analyst do in transcription? proofreader, quality analysis in transcription

Role of a proofreader in audio transcription is more than just the image of an old guy with a Sherlock hat, smoking a pipe, looking at documents with a magnifying glass.  Well, maybe for 1960s that may be true. (Who even smokes pipe anymore? They “vape”).  Anyway, proofreading or quality analysis is one of the most important aspects of audio transcription in 2016.  In fact it may even be more important than the role of a transcriber.

Proofreading/Quality Analysis

Sure, you can get your audio file transcribed by a voice recognition software.  But unless you want a document which resembles a 3 year old’s scribbling, you will need a professional proofreader.  Someone […]

10 05, 2016

5 ways to become better at transcription

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Ways to become a top tier transcriber and maximize your earning potential fingers on a keyboard, online audio transcription

We generally don’t prefer to give away our highly guarded trade secrets, but we really, really like you, so what the heck.  Our guard dog, Smaug, of the heavily guarded transcription vault, in audio to text castle, is going to be so, so disappointed.

smaug, hobbit Our guard dog Smaug @ the transcription vault

Anyway, onto it then.  A top level transcriber‘s job is not easy.  In other jobs, if you don’t understand something, you can simply ask.  Not the case for a transcriber.  The audio is recorded, you can’t go back in time.  And even if you could, and you were buzzing around like a fly in the […]

8 05, 2016

Top 10 ways to get new website content

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How to get daily and weekly new website content for SEO and Digital Marketing

Companies, individuals, even aliens from Mars today absolutely NEED a great ranking website, if not on the first place, then at least in the top 10 results.  In 2016 the most important criteria that Google likes, apart from backlinks, is “fresh” new content for it to rank a website high on their search engine.  This holds true for other major search engines like Bing and Yahoo! too.  Good content can drive a lot of traffic to your website or blog.

content is king, get new content with transcription

Below we have listed some ways that you can get great new content to publish on your website:

#1 – Do it Yourself

“”D’oh” is what you might be thinking.  If I could do it myself, why would I be searching for this article? […]

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