6 07, 2016

Best earbuds in 2016

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Best earbuds 2016 for music, sound clarity and audio transcription Our list of best earbuds 2016 is a comprehensive list of the latest earbuds this year.  You don’t have to be a music lover or an audiophile to appreciate good quality sound coming from a headphone or an in-ear headphone, now commonly known as “earbuds.”  Unless you live in a van down by the river (in which case I don’t know how you’re reading this), you must have tried an earbud at least once in your life.  They are a great alternative to the now almost extinct earphones, which sounded terrible.  And used to hurt the opening of your ear canals after only a few minutes of use.  Earbuds have a soft silicone eartip sheathing around the tiny little speakers which produce all that glorious sound.  They are light and comfortable enough to listen […]

5 07, 2016

How to choose the best Earbuds for Transcription

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How to choose the best Earbuds for Transcription How to choose the best earbuds for transcription.  No, no, not the cotton tipped ones you clean your ears with, blecch!  We are talking about these earbuds:

best earbuds for transcription


We suggest earbuds over headphones for transcription.  Because not only are they lighter, but they can also produce more accurate sounds.  While headphones produce bass better, earbuds or “in-ear headphones” can produce sharp clarity much better.  And that helps with audio transcription.  Science is advancing at the speed of light these days; flooding the market with gadgets in a wide range of performance and quality.  The average customer who wants to buy a new pair of headphones/earbuds for their device is bombarded with literally thousands of choices; be it type, price or manufacturer.

Nobody barely pays any attention […]

4 07, 2016

Best VR headsets 2016

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Best Virtual Reality Headsets 2016 A roundup of best VR headsets of 2016.  Is this real?  Is this even happening?  We are now officially in an age where we have enough Virtual Reality headsets to make a comparison/rating post!  A few years ago it was only Oculus Rift, who were sort of the pioneers in this field, and now so many more have popped up that your average gamer is spoiled for choices.  We expect many more, better, innovative VR headsets to be released in the coming months and years.  We absolutely hope that is the case, because more competition would also mean the prices will come down, and every gamer’s house will have a VR headset.  We are just salivating at the thought of VR based gaming championships.  Bye-bye sunlight!

We of course don’t own all the headsets, […]

1 07, 2016

Best voice recording apps for iPhone 2016

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Best voice recording apps for iPhones and iPads in 2016 We take a look at some of the best voice recording apps for iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices.  Yeah , yeah, we know the iPhones already come with a built-in voice memo app for recording audio.  But unless you are a die-hard iSheep, it wouldn’t hurt to take a brief, non-condescending look at many more, better recording apps with a ton more functionality.  Especially if you’re one of those who want to do more than just record simple audio.  What’s more, if you need a good app to record good quality audio for transcription, you’re in luck, as we tested some apps extensively for you.  Below, in no particular order, are our recommendations:

Voice Record Pro

Best voice recording apps for iPhones

Cost: $3.99

Its paid version has no […]

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