12 08, 2016

Video Transcription

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Video Transcription video transcription

Video transcription and Negan, what?  Okay, so the above picture MAY not be the best picture to get our point across.  Especially because SO many The Walking Dead fans hate this guy right now.  Don’t worry, it will get better.  He underestimates Rick Grimes and his clan.  Thank the internet for online video transcription.  Now people from around the world can frown at Negan and his smug evilness.  The advent of technology on the internet lately has given birth to so many new innovative ways for people to interact with each other.  Tech has enabled everyone to express themselves much better on a bigger canvas to the world.  Services like YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook are a prime examples of this.  You can now make world class videos in your bedroom, in […]

10 08, 2016

Audio Transcription of multi-speaker seminars

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Audio Transcription of multi-speaker seminars seminar transcription

Transcribing seminars can be a tricky task for a transcriber.  It’s mostly because of the way these seminars or conferences are recorded.  These days it’s mostly done either via a smartphone or a digital recorder.  Furthermore, they’re recorded in a large room filled with people.  Now, the smartphone/recorder can be the latest greatest technologically advanced gadget.  But it still can’t properly record each voice clearly and precisely over background and static noise.

From a professional point of view, seminars can be an academic exercise at a university.  Also, they can be done on a certain topic of common interest offered by an organization to its employees.  Seminars can be internal, or public, with guests.  A transcription service company’s task becomes more complicated with the number of speakers participating in the seminar.  Imagine […]

8 08, 2016

Tips and tricks for effective online translation

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Things you should know before using an online translation service translators, translation services, online translation

One good thing about living on this planet, and having a lot of countries (with invisible borders) is that there are a lot of languages.  Then there are countries like India, which in itself has over 25 languages!  We use Google’s free translator tool almost daily if we want to get a gist of what somebody said in another language.  But that’s its limitation, a word, or a sentence, a phrase, that’s it.  If you need more than that translated, you need human translators.  So that your text doesn’t look like it was pieced together by a 5 year old.  No disrespect to 5 year olds.  To come to think of it, today’s 5 year olds can probably translate much better than Google.  My nephew is […]

6 08, 2016

Affordable Professional Transcription

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Affordable Professional Transcription Services professional transcription

Affordable professional transcription services” is a search term we often see on Google.  It is one of the most widely used search terms for a reason.  In today’s economic climate, customers need transcription service that’s easy on the pocket.  Of course, no compromise on quality goes without saying.  You need someone who can do the job at a lesser price than the competition, do it fast enough, all while maintaining high level quality.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Now, being as humble as possible, we can guarantee we can provide all the aforementioned services.

If you have an interview, a seminar, conference, on-field recording from World War II, we will do our best to convert it to text.  Furthermore, you can get the transcript in the format […]

5 08, 2016

Online Audio Transcription – Technical Aspects

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Online Audio Transcription – Technical Aspects online audio transcription

Online Audio Transcription (linguistics, not the biological kind) in 2016 basically means an online transcription service that converts audio to text.  On surface it may seem as simple as listening to audio and typing in a document (well, it is).  But it goes much deeper than that.  Experienced transcribers and proofreaders know just how long it takes to become an expert.  Even after years, you still learn something new every day.  Furthermore, audio transcription benefits a whole range of people and institutions.

Online Audio Transcription – who does it benefit?

In the past, you could have said it mostly benefits Phd candidates and researchers.  Or doctors maintaining patient records, what is commonly known as medical transcription.  But in 2016, audio […]

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