18 09, 2016

PC Sound Card Buyers Guide

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What makes a great sound card?  We take a look in our PC Sound Card Buyers Guide. sound card, sound card for transcription, sound card for clarity

Ah, sound clarity.  Whether it be through better headphones, mp3 players, or speakers, we have been chasing fidelity all our lives.  Furthermore, some people took it to such extremes, we coined the term ‘audiophile.’  While audiophiles will stop at nothing until they get the so-called music high, you don’t have to be so picky.  Let’s say you decided to compliment your new computer by adding a sound card to it.  Or perhaps you’re building a brand new gaming PC.  And as with any gaming PC, it’s never complete without a good sound card, to help you experience orgasmic sound quality when gaming.

Do I really need a

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