28 06, 2017

Tips for recording research interviews

2017-06-28T15:15:30+00:00June 28th, 2017|Audio Transcription, Transcription Service|0 Comments

Tips for recording research interviews for Academic Transcription

PhD candidates, professors, lecturers record a great amount of research interviews, because it’s the best way to gather qualitative data for their thesis or dissertation research.  Academic transcription means turning those interviews into text, because no matter how fast you may be in taking notes, you are likely to always miss out on some key details.  An accurate transcript is a great way for researchers to mine important data for their work.  However, accuracy can only go as far as audio quality.  Difficult audio quality also means you pay more, because as the difficulty goes up, so does the time and effort.  Below are our best tips to record research interviews, so you can save money by taking care of things at your end.

1. Interview Environment:

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