25 09, 2017

Best Transcription Headphones for under $100

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Best transcription headphones for under $100

I have no idea why, when you search for best transcription headphones online, for ex. on Amazon, we get those horrible, stethoscope looking ancient headphones.  It would make sense if they were dirt cheap, like $5 or something.  But they’re not!  There is no emphasis on sound quality, or on noise cancellation.  You can get much better quality, value for money, and long term work out of the headphones we’ve recommended below.  I’m biased towards Sennheiser.  Because in my experience, they make some of the most reliable, best sounding headphones I’ve ever used.  And so obviously first in line is:

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO – $79.95

best headphones for under $100, best headphones for transcription

Whether you’re listening to your personal music, or working on

18 09, 2017

Best Skype call recorders for Transcription

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Best Skype Call Recorders for Transcription

Best Skype call recorders to help you save money on Transcription

best Skype call recorder for transcription, skype call recorder, Skype call recording, record Skype calls

“What’s the best Skype call recorder for transcription” is a question a lot of our clients have asked us over the years.  Now, unless you’ve been living a hermetic life in the Himalayan mountains for the last 20 years, everyone knows what Skype is.  It’s been one of this generation’s most well known free video calling services for a long time.  It started off as a free video calling app/messenger, which has since evolved into a total calling solution.  It has prepaid options, and also pay monthly packages, where you can call landlines and […]

14 09, 2017

Recording interviews for transcription for the first time

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Tips and tricks for first time users to master the art of recording interviews for transcription

record audio for transcription, first time interviewee, academic transcription

Newbees rejoice!  We understand your pain.  Recording interviews for transcription has always been a tricky task.  Let’s face it, the quality of interviews you record is directly going to affect the outcome.  Clearer sound = accurate transcript.  Legit interview recording skills = better overall outcome of your project.  Wait!  Before you go buying high end audio recording equipment, that picture above is just for dramatic effect.  You don’t need all that jazz (tsk, tsk) to record simple interviews.  All you need is a decent recording app for your smartphone.

Smartphone apps to record interviews for transcription

“But which operating system?” or “But I have an iPhone” should naturally […]

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