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Affordable transcription or cheap transcription are two of the topmost Google searches for online transcription services.  Whenever you’re shopping online, you always try to look for a product that is both affordable and does what it’s supposed to do.  Or at least is a nice compromise.  Nobody searches for the most expensive product; unless you’re filthy rich.  Or simply like spending money.  Or got hold of your ex’s credit card and would like to do some damage. (In which case, let me offer you our premium ultra-rare, gold level transcription services).  Just kidding, we don’t have premium services.  Not yet.

According to some of our clients, our transcription rates are very competitive and affordable.  Having said that, we can guarantee 99% accurate transcripts.  “But how?!?” you may ask.  We understand what every penny saved means in this volatile economic climate.  The quality of our work is evidenced in the genuine testimonials from our clients.  We charge only $1.20 per audio minute for a good quality audio file.  Turnaround time is 2 days.  Audio quality goes down, price goes up.  Which in our opinion is fair, because difficult audio requires more work.  Also, some of our competitors may charge up to $2 for the same turnaround, or $1.60 for a week’s turnaround.


Furthermore, we have gained sizable experience over a decade of transcription.  It’s now become second nature.  We are experts.  Practice makes perfect.  Which means we can do it faster, without compromising on quality.  We are also very humble.  We can be your go-to company for professional transcription services with our quick turnaround time, availability and reliability in delivering the most accurate and attractive, easy to read transcripts.

File Types

On top of this, you don’t have to worry about your audio file format. We accept almost all of them: It can be any of the following:

  • MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, DSS, MOV, AVI, MP4, AIFF (or anything else you may throw at us!)

You also don’t have to worry whether the nature of the interview or recording may be difficult for us.  We have tackled all of the below and more in the last decade:

  • Podcasts: Financial, entertainment, healthcare, scientific and general.
  • Focus group interviews, dissertations, academic interviews.
  • Radio shows.
  • TV News shows, interview shows.
  • Articles, lectures, forums, reports.
  • Business meetings, conferences, teleconferences.
  • Discussions, debates, webcasts, interactive forums.
  • Seminars, symposiums.
  • Sermons, prayer meetings.
  • Scientific research interviews.
  • Depositions, Insurance interviews.
  • Subpoenas and general correspondence.

So, you can rest assured that whatever the audio content you might have, we’ll take care of it.  Also, at a price and turnaround time that is difficult to match for our competitors.  Contact us today to get a free quote.

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