Audio Transcription of multi-speaker seminars

Audio Transcription of multi-speaker seminars

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Transcribing seminars can be a tricky task for a transcriber.  It’s mostly because of the way these seminars or conferences are recorded.  These days it’s mostly done either via a smartphone or a digital recorder.  Furthermore, they’re recorded in a large room filled with people.  Now, the smartphone/recorder can be the latest greatest technologically advanced gadget.  But it still can’t properly record each voice clearly and precisely over background and static noise.

From a professional point of view, seminars can be an academic exercise at a university.  Also, they can be done on a certain topic of common interest offered by an organization to its employees.  Seminars can be internal, or public, with guests.  A transcription service company’s task becomes more complicated with the number of speakers participating in the seminar.  Imagine people with different accents, varying style and speed of speaking in the same room. Furthermore, what happens if all of them decide to talk at the same time? 🙂

Seminar Transcription – The Nitty-Gritties

Seminars usually have a moderator.  Would be pretty weird without one to be honest.  The moderator introduces the panel or the subject, and then different speakers give a presentation.  Or engage in healthy/unhealthy, debate.  The 2016 presidential debates are one example of an unhealthy debate.  After the debate, if there is an audience, everyone participates in a Q&A.  Same thing goes on in an earnings call for a public or private limited company.

Doing an effective job of transcribing seminars and extracting quality from an audio recording is tough.  Especially when it feels like the seminar is held at a train station.  As a transcription provider, over the years we have built up considerable expertise in seminar transcription, simply by doing lots of them.  Practice makes perfect.  We make sure each transcript is reviewed by two quality analysts to give you our best effort possible.

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