What is audio transcription?

What does audio transcription mean?

audio transcription

Is it a bird, is it a plane?  Don’t be scared by the name, it’s not rocket science.  It literally means turning audio to text, which on the surface may sound easy, but it is quite difficult.  Voice recognition AI has tried, many smartphone and tablet apps have tried, but you still need humans to review them.  Like anything, audio transcription requires skill and years of practice to perfect. Below are the important components that make up audio transcription:


the flash, audio transcription

If you were to transcribe 60 minutes of an interview, it will take close to 8 hours, unless you’re an alien with 30 fingers typing at 200 WPM,  or The Flash, then yeah, you could do it in one.  But if you’re not extraterrestrial or metahuman,  it’s a full day’s work.  Second, you need to have really solid general knowledge, just awareness of the world around you. If you don’t know much about what’s going on in the world, current affairs, modern technology etc., then bro, get out of that cave and go vote!  They might choose a complete imbecile for the next POTUS!  Oh, and also, you might not be very good at transcription, if you don’t have good general knowledge that is.


philosoraptor, audio transcription

No, not “which movie goes best with beer and pizza” research, ACTUAL research!  About 90% of transcription accuracy depends on good listening skills and great research ability for difficult or easy terms alike.  You might come across some technical terms for which you may find no reference on the web at all, and at these times you might even have to refer to encyclopedias or books related to that topic.


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You can’t be transcribing about horses and daydreaming about hedgehogs, it just doesn’t work!  Just like driving a car at 300 kmph and thinking what you’re gonna have for dessert after downing 3 burgers.  Not that I have done that, it’s just an interesting perspective.  Focus is paramount during transcription.  Lack of concentration will result in mistakes, so you need to be on point for the whole duration of the audio file.




accuracy, audio transcription

If the speaker says Jesus, and you type Gesis, you may as well give up on transcription now.  To avoid exactly these types of blunders, our transcription process goes through three phases: Transcription, quality analysis, and final review. Every audio file is first transcribed by our experienced transcribers, then our experienced quality analysts give it a thorough check to remove any inaccuracies, after which our senior-most editor checks the file again for a final review, thus resulting in the most accurate, top quality transcript.

Now, depending on your job, the length of those audio files can vary greatly, from a mere 30 minutes to hundreds of thousands of minutes if you’re a podcast/sermon producer or a PhD candidate with many recorded interviews for your thesis.  At $1.20 per minute of audio for clean and clear digital quality files, we are one of the most affordable transcription companies on the web.   We also provide huge discounts for bulk orders.  More info and links below:

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