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Since you can do almost ANYTHING online these days (with the exception of stalking a girl on the street…….wait, nevermind), it has meant that the internet has become a huge marketplace, with lots and lots of products and lots of competitors doing or selling the same thing you are doing.  How do you differentiate yourself?  By producing great content, and having really great online presence. And also by bribing the president of the internet.  I’m just kidding, he doesn’t exist.  Or DOES he? Hmm…

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The term “podcast” or “podcasting” has been around since the internet started becoming more popular in the early 2000s.  Radio shows and other forms of broadcasting in the media have gone online, in some cases, entirely and exclusively. People generally have a lot to say, even if sometimes other people don’t wanna hear them talk.  But a lot of times they do!

Everyone loves to get their information on-the-go, which is where podcasts have been so successful. There are plenty of podcasts available online on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, talking just about everything.  You can even find podcasts talking about zombies. What they do have in common is that they’re audio or video files that you can either stream or download onto your device to listen later.

BUT sometimes there can be accessibility issues for listeners. For example if someone has slow internet, they can face problems with streaming or downloading those shows, especially videos that are usually larger files.

Right, we have explained what podcasts are, now let’s get straight to the point:


How can podcasters get more subscribers and higher ranking for their website?

Unique, fresh, entertaining, engaging content is the cornerstone of every successful podcast or Youtube series on the internet.  What if you are producing content, but in internet terms are pretty obscure?  That’s where SEO, SMM, SEM, online presence and all those fancy-schmancy words come in to make things even more confusing for you!  Let us simplify things:

Better SEO

Imagine that the premier search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo! all have what are called web crawlers.

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Inaccurate representation of an internet web crawler

Okay, I have to admit that looks pretty cool.  But come on, search engine crawlers are not that cool.  Even though they are nothing but algorithm or software, they probably would look like  scary metallic robot spiders.

Anyway, what these web crawlers absolutely LOVE is content; and not content in the form of audio or video, but text. You can add a synopsis with every podcast you upload, but that still won’t satisfy the need of a web crawler. They need text, LOTS of it. This is where podcast transcription comes in.

When you get your podcast transcribed,  you get a word-by-word reproduction of everything you talked about, every single word.  I don’t wanna say I’m letting you in on a dark, well-kept SEO secret, but come on, this is an effortless, new way of putting out daily or weekly content!


Podcast transcription allows for effective SEO, helping search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. to find and index your podcasts. It’s readily available, formatted, web optimized content that you don’t have to pay an SEO expert  or content writers for. Neither do you have to create the content yourself. Think of it as a search engine friendly copy of your podcast.

Help the Hearing Impaired and get them onboard:

Making a podcast transcript available to listeners with hearing disability, or anyone who can read, but not listen, again ensures you have a wider reach as far as listeners and viewers go. Same argument can be made for video subtitling or closed captioning.

Reach a wider audience + Extra stuff for people:

The transcripts can be sold to podcast subscribers, or be given as a bonus for subscribing. Providing a full transcript of your show to the visitors of your website ensures even more consumption of the product you’re putting out, and a wider listener/viewer/reader base, which is a really big key when it comes to the popularity of the show and your ranking on the web. Sure, the tone and modalities of a speaker cannot be captured in text, but these days transcripts can come very close with the use of interactive tags and other tools. Also, some people may prefer reading over listening or watching.

Make quick subtitles and captions

Transcripts of podcasts can be used to add subtitles/captions to your videos or make a PowerPoint slideshow presentation quickly. We can actually even make subtitle files for you, for ex. .SRT files, XML subtitles etc. The possibilities are literally endless.

We have covered how you can transcribe your audio files yourself at home in detail in our DIY posts, but if you can’t find the time to do it, you can try our online transcription service and we’ll be more than happy to help you.  Below is more information about our process:

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