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We bring you the best news, reports and reviews on the latest technology trends from the world of computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, audio and video tech, virtual reality, video games, simulation racing, mobile apps, hardware, peripherals and software.  The list is literally endless. We try the gadgets ourselves, talk to industry gurus and experts, get their opinion, compare it with our own and give you an unbiased review to help make up your mind.  We are in 2016, and if the past couple of years are anything to go by, we are in for another year of rapid acceleration of technology.  Who knows what Elon Musk will do this year with Tesla and SpaceX?  How will Microsoft change the tech landscape?  How does Apple plan on trouncing the competition?  Will this be the year that Android takes the fight to iOS and beats it, again? :)  Let’s find out!

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