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transcription service

Our transcription service focuses on online audio transcription, voice to text online, speech to text converter, audio to text, mp3 to text, audio to doc, interview to text, academic transcription, affordable transcription, business transcription, interview transcription, legal transcription, mp3 transcription, podcast transcription, seminar transcription, sermon transcription.  You can get huge transcription discounts for bulk orders.  For more info, visit our “contact us” page or simply email us at [email protected].

We have served over 200 clients from individuals to reputed academic institutions, multinational corporations and non-profit organizations, transcribing tons of interviews related to a wide range of subjects, like news, podcasts, lectures, seminars, research interviews, dissertations, depositions, dictations, technical presentations etc.  Because practice makes perfect, with over a decade of experience in online audio transcription, you can safely assume we’ve nailed the art of transcription.  What’s more, we provide legally signed confidentiality agreements in case you’re worries about your precious data falling into the wrong hands.

If you’re a podcaster, YouTuber, or a sermon producer, our podcast transcription, sermon transcription, and media/video transcription services can help your website get a major boost in search engine ranking.  Our transcription service have been shown to get our clients a huge subscriber base. We offer to transcribe podcasts and sermons for only $1.20 per minute of audio, (ask for discounts for bulk projects) with a turnaround time of 2 days! What’s more, we don’t charge you anything extra for verbatim transcription or putting time stamps!  Transcription services can also help immensely in having an accurate digital archive of all your audio dictation or interview related work.

We transcribe interviews at a fairly affordable rate. It’s $1.20 for clean and clear audio for one-on-one interviews. The price goes up if the audio quality goes down. You can find more information on transcription rates page.  If you want to upload your audio, please go over to our upload page and start uploading!  –

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