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One quick search on Google for online audio transcription companies, and you’ll literally see thousands of them.  Each one of them seemingly wanting to outdo each other in terms of price.  Some charge you $2 per minute and give you your transcript in a 100,000 years. *sarcasm* Some will run your interview through a voice recognition software with dumb AI which can’t make the difference between circumference and circumcision.  Furthermore, edit it hastily and produce huge volumes in a single day to make lots of profit.  Some will just judge you, silently, over the internet, without your approval.

Our philosophy is not to make a quick buck.  And definitely not to silently judge you.  What we’re geared more towards is finding great, awesome, happy (or unhappy) clients and retaining them by providing excellent transcription and amazing customer service.  Just to be positive.  Also, so far through consistent training, painstaking attention to detail, pushing to achieve 99.9% accuracy, we are growing at an impressive rate.  Pulling all nighters with pizza, beer and self-loathing, and an ever-evolving, ever-improving attitude, we have passed the test every time.  Furthermore, this has resulted in retaining of each and every customer since our inception.

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Why do our clients like us so much? (So humble, much humility, wow).  We have consistently provided them with excellent, beautifully formatted transcripts at a cost/TAT ratio which is probably the best in the market.  We charge 1.20 per audio minute and turn audio files into the aforementioned transcripts in under 2 days.  Would I call it cheap transcription?  More like affordable transcription.  Cheap just sounds so……cheap.  We offer to turn your files around even on weekends for you if need be!  That Breaking Bad marathon while digging into Häagen-Dazs can wait!

If you’re reading this and looking for the next great transcription service to meet your needs, close that Craigslist tab, and simply go to our website, upload your audio/video files, and we will get back to you with a quote, start transcribing and email the transcript to you once done.  It’s literally as simple as that.  I know you still want to switch to that tab.  DON’T!

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