DIY Audio Transcription part 3 – Transcription Software

You can’t transcribe without a software, that’s a fact. There are no apps for smartphones or tablets currently on which you can transcribe. Why would you want to transcribe on a phone anyway?  In part 1 and part 2 of this DIY Audio Transcription series, we talked about the hardware aspect of it, and now we get to the software. As you can probably guess, the USB foot pedal would need a software as a bridge to connect with a computer, and so below are some of the best transcription software we have come across in our experience:

Express Scribe:

audio transcription software


This is still the best transcription software in our opinion. It has several different playback options, some special audio processing, handy time stamp copying shortcut, and works flawlessly with a large range of foot pedals. You can type your transcription in the space below the list of audios loaded in it, or you can simply minimize it and continue your transcription in any word processor document.

MacSpeech Scribe

Good product if you work in the Apple ecosystem. It works on iMac and Macbooks just fine. It can also transcribe single speaker dictations, but the audio file needs to be clear and spoken in a very slow, concise manner, otherwise its AI will stumble, just like many other voice recognition software do.


At its core it’s not a transcription software, but as a text analysis software it has a lot of nice transcription tools similar to Express Scribe, which can be used to make your own transcripts in no time.


Another program which is very similar to Express Scribe in the way it handles dictations and audio files for transcription, supports a lot of different audio and video formats, and has some handy keyboard shortcuts which makes life easier for the novice transcriber.

If you can’t be bothered to invest in buying software, headphones or foot pedals to transcribe your own files, or simply don’t have the time to do so, just try our online audio transcription services.  Our prices start at around $1.20 per audio minute for a 2 day turnaround, and we give discounts for bulk assignments or long term contracts. More info below:

Our transcription service rates

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