Role of audio transcription in education

Educational Transcription Services and its impact


What is Educational Transcription?

When we say educational transcription, we don’t mean transcription which educates.  There is no such thing.  Unless there is a professor somewhere named William Transcription.  Which would be highly unusual.  Educational Transcription is just another term for academic transcription.  Transcription of research interviews, lectures, dissertations, seminars, lessons etc.  A transcription company experienced in academic transcription can be your greatest ally if you are an academic professional.  It makes everything easier.  You have pages and pages of important research data, through which you can find what you are looking for.  Instead of recorded audio where you have to play, pause, rewind and forward a thousand times.

How is audio transcription helpful for education?

Thanks to academic transcription services like ours, your lectures are not lost forever anymore.  If you are a student, you are free to daydream about that girl/guy you like, or that car, or that video game, while completely ignoring the lecture.  Just get a good digital recorder and get it as close to the professor as possible.  Hide it in a bouquet of flowers or a cake if need be.  Please note: we are not encouraging you to stop studying and dream about girls/guys.  If you are a lecturer/professor, you can record your lectures for later revision.  If you’re doing field research interviews for your doctoral study, transcription is a boon for you to analyse those interviews and extract information necessary to complete your thesis.  As I said above, transcripts can retain all ideas in their entirety, in an easily searchable format.

Do make sure to record your audio cleanly.  And try to have as little disturbance as possible.  That way you get more accurate transcription, and also affordable transcription.  With a little prep, you can make sure you save a ton of money and time on transcription.

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