Things you should know before using an online translation service

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One good thing about living on this planet, and having a lot of countries (with invisible borders) is that there are a lot of languages.  Then there are countries like India, which in itself has over 25 languages!  We use Google’s free translator tool almost daily if we want to get a gist of what somebody said in another language.  But that’s its limitation, a word, or a sentence, a phrase, that’s it.  If you need more than that translated, you need human translators.  So that your text doesn’t look like it was pieced together by a 5 year old.  No disrespect to 5 year olds.  To come to think of it, today’s 5 year olds can probably translate much better than Google.  My nephew is 3 and is already fluent in 3 languages.  I am fluent in two.  :(

BUT we have a team of brilliant translators, who can at least understand what’s going on in a full page or document of text.  If you have text that needs translated, below are some things you may want to keep in mind before contacting an online translation company to translate it:


If you’re not in a hurry, better to get your stuff translated at normal rates rather than rush rates.  In most cases, it can cost you twice the amount to expedite things.  But if expedite you must, and more money is no problem, then by all means go for it!

Type of Translation

If it’s technical data, official documents, doctoral thesis or any specialized text filled with niche expressions and terms, it will require a translator with that knowledge.  Please note that someone can be a brilliant translator of casual language and might still have no idea how to translate names of machinery or technological processes or technical description of an equipment’s operation.

Purpose of Translation

For example, if you need to submit your translated text to an official entity or authorities, then a regular translator won’t be enough for you.  You’d need an authorized translator to put their authenticity stamp on your translation in order to certify that the outcome is in accordance with the original document being translated.

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