How to fix aw snap on Chrome

Fix the “Aw Snap” error on Google Chrome

google chrome aw snap
I am typing this for the 2nd time, because I forgot to save draft the first time, and Google threw that “aw snap” message above at me, with that annoying folder face, aarrrggh.  Don’t you get annoyed when you’re going about your day, procrastinating with funny memes instead of working, and Google’s Chrome wouldn’t even let you do that??  Then this post is for you, and for everybody else who actually works.  This cleverly worded “aw snap” screen pops up unexpectedly out of nowhere sometimes, even when you’re not actually refreshing the page or clicking on a link.  This happens when Chrome decides a certain website has a problem with the page loading, but it won’t tell you why.  Because why not?  This error usually means one or all of your browser extensions or antivirus software is acting up.  If this message keeps popping up every few minutes, your browser may need a thorough head check, and you may also need to create a new user profile.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Reload

If you hit the refresh symbol or simply press F5, the webpage reloads, and it often fixes the problem and gets rid of the “Aw, Snap!” message, only for it to happen again some time later.

2. Restart

First line of defense against annoying software that doesn’t work?  Empty cache, clean internet history, delete temp files, use a cleaning software like CCleaner if need be, clean old conflicting registry as well, and then restart the computer.  Often times this will fix the issue completely.

3. Check antivirus settings

If Chrome still bombards you with “Aw snap” messages, make sure your antivirus is not messing about with Chrome.  It may be blocking some websites or simply blocking Chrome from accessing the Internet.  In any case add Chrome as an exception to your antivirus’ firewall or Windows Firewall settings.

4. Review Chrome Extensions

I hope you’re not one of those people who install 10 million toolbars and extensions.  Are you?  In any case, check for problems with your extensions that might cause the page to crash.  Look at the top right corner of Chrome, there are three horizontal lines, it’s the menu.  Click on that and select “Tools,” and then click “Extensions.”  Now, the time this takes can vary depending on how many plugins or extensions you have installed, because you will have to disable each extension, restart the browser and see if the website repeats the “Aw snap” error.  If it doesn’t and the page opens properly, that particular extension may be incompatible with the website.

5. Run a Virus Scan

Run a full system virus and malware scan with your anti-virus program. Some malicious apps can block Chrome from opening websites or even getting online.

If all fails, make a new profile

  1. Close Chrome and launch Windows Explorer by double clicking on the Computer icon on desktop or pressing the Windows key + E.
  2. Copy “LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\” and paste it in the address bar at the top of the window.  Without the quotes of course.
  3. It will open the Chrome user data folder.  Navigate to the folder named “Default”, click again on the name, or right-click the folder and select “Rename.” Rename the folder “Backup Default” (without quotes).
  4. Launch Chrome and try to load the Web page again.
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