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What is focus group transcription?

I hope nobody thinks that literally means focusing on a group transcribing.  Bad joke, I know.  But hey, it’s a joke nonetheless.  What do you want?  Focus group is defined as “A form of qualitative research consisting of interviews in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.”  Focus group transcription just means converting those interviews to text.  Companies and individuals conduct focus research group interviews almost 24/7, 365 days a year.  This is how they find out which idea to reject and which one to advance.  Or if they just want to meet new people.  Or if they want to put people in a closed room and do hamster experiments on them.

For individuals, such as academics, it means conducting focus group interviews to support their thesis, on which their doctoral study depends.  All of the above means that transcription of focus group interviews needs to be highly accurate.  Phew, big pressure!  Because if we don’t do our job, our individual clients may not get a job!  Get it?  See the pun I used there?  No?  Okay…

Benefits of focus group transcription and accuracy

Let’s not kid around.  It’s much easier to press Ctrl + F in a transcript and find what you’re looking for, than to press the rewind and forward on your MP3 player all the livelong day.  Not only that, because we are such an accurate transcription service, and we don’t drink alcohol (every evening), you can copy large chunks from the transcript and paste them straight into your doctoral thesis.  No need to proofread!  Because we proofread them already.  Our team of quality analysts have a decade of transcription experience, which shines through in each transcript.  Don’t take our word for it, get a free trial.

What’s more, even if you were lazy, just plain careless, or couldn’t help the background or static noise in your recording, we still deliver great accuracy.  It’s a secret, psst! (top-notch audio equipment and sound editing).   If your focus group participants are all hopped on the free coffee you bought them, and can’t help talking over each other, we can handle that too, no problems.  This doesn’t mean that you should encourage such behavior though.  I mean we pride ourselves on accurate transcription, but we’re not gluttons for punishment!  It would make sense to record your interviews in a quiet area and control your group so only one person talks at a time.  You are a PhD candidate, AND a circus ringmaster!  Talk about juggling responsibilities.  *Another pun, snicker snicker.*

Don’t transcribe your interviews yourself.  No need to proofread them either.  Just slip into your favorite PJs, dig into that bucket of ice cream shamelessly, upload your files on our website and forget about the rest.  Oh, it’s not free, you need to pay.  But it’s very affordable!  More information below:

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