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4 free tools to convert audio and video into other formats

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We’ve received tons of requests from clients eager to know how to convert audio/video to an acceptable format. So that they can send it to us for transcription.  Because it works fine in the recorder, but just wouldn’t play on their computer.  Or on our computers for that matter.  (Not really, we can play everything! 🙂 Okay, with that humblebrag out of the way, we realize that not all clients have devices equipped with file conversion software.  We use a number of file conversion software; essential for our business.  For the same reason they can’t convert their audio to text.  Because you require a computer with a specific set of hardware and software for that.


One of the most common formats we get for audio transcription are interview files.  And the majority of the recorders record them in WAV format.  Even some smartphones.  Very few will actually record them in MP3 which is the most commonly used format in the world.  It is kind of self-explanatory, because MP3 is a compressed format.  Also, it is much faster to upload and download.  Problem is, you can’t record in a compressed format.  Most recorders made by respectable electronics companies will come with a software which will do the conversion for you, most don’t.  Videos are more straightforward as many recordable formats can be used as they are.  Contact us for video transcription.

Now, WAV files will take up huge spaces on your hard drive.  Unlike MP3 files which are compressed to 10% of the original WAV file size, usually.  Furthermore, uploading a WAV file for audio transcription will be a pain in your….neck.  Also, if you’ve conducted 100 interviews, imagine you have to upload each one of them on a website.  It will take decades!  Is there any way you can avoid all that pain and sorrow?

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Don’t worry, that image above is just to tease you.  Also, you don’t have to be a DJ to convert files.  Furthermore, you don’t even have to be a transcription expert!  Fret not, these days you can find a number of free software online which will do just that.  Below are some of our recommendations:

Freemake Video Converter:

Freemake Video Converter review, Freemake Video Converter problems


One of the best free audio/video converters available online today. This is a nice, light, fast, easy and fine tuned software to get a lot of video and audio editing done in no time.

Also, they claim to convert video between 500+ formats and gadgets for free.

You can convert to MP4, MP3, AVI, MKV, iPhone, Android.

Convert YouTube to anything.

Convert 4K and Full HD.

Cut, Join, Rotate Videos.

This is a free software. No trials or limitations.

 Miro Video Converter


Simple video/audio converter with a drag and drop functionality.  User friendly interface, good for converting files for tablets and smartphones.

Also, you can convert almost any video to MP4, WebM (vp8), Ogg Theora.

Convert WAV to MP3 and many other formats.

Options to convert videos for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Options for batch conversion, custom sizing etc.

Free and open source.

Format Factory

It supports a wide variety of formats.  Furthermore, it’s one of the oldest converter software available.  Easy navigation, highly customizable with additional settings.  Also, you can convert pretty much anything to anything.  Below are some of its functions:

You can convert all audio and video to:


Convert image files to JPG/BMP/PNG/TIF/ICO/GIF/TGA.

Rip DVD to video file.  Rip Music CD to audio file.

MP4 files support iPod/iPhone/PSP/BlackBerry format.
Supports RMVB, Watermark, AV Mux.

Movavi Audio Suite




Not only can it convert audio, it can also burn audio CDs.  Even though CDs are obsolete now.  But always good to have that option.  It can also record and extract audio.  Device based conversion is also available.  Some of its features are given below:

Convert unprotected audio between popular formats.

Record voices, music, and other audio sources.

Rip unprotected audio CDs to your preferred digital format.

Extract audio from unprotected DVDs and other video sources.

If you can’t be bothered to convert these audio or video files yourself for audio transcription, just upload your audio files.  Also, you can upload in whichever format you want, and we will convert it for you.  Below you will find more info:

Our audio transcription rates

Upload media for transcription

Contact us for quotes and discounts

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