How to get faster at audio transcription

Tips and tricks to help you become faster at audio transcription

Your hopes of earning any kind of real money through a home based freelance transcription job, or even a contracted full-time office transcription job all depends on how fast you can type making the least amount of errors.  Sounds fun, isn’t it?  It actually is, in a challenging way.  Basically you have to rise above the normal human capacity of typing.

1. Learn to love typing:

transcribing on a laptop

Honestly, I have done web and graphic designing, programming, video editing, and some wild hobbies like car racing to boot.

But one of the biggest highs (no joke!) I get is when I get in a rhythm typing away as fast as I can, sometimes at 70-80 WPM, the words just appear on screen like clockwork, and you become “one with the keyboard”.

I know what some of you are thinking, “He’s trying to make transcription sound cool, isn’t he?”  Well, partly yes, but partly also because I honestly do love the feeling of producing real content fast, freaking fast. It gives you a feeling of being efficient, a feeling of invincibility, a feeling that if you continue like this, you will finish your work fast and be free soon to sit like a lazy pig in front of the TV and binge watch Season 5 of Breaking Bad.

2. Take regular typing tests:

You can Google “typing tutor” or “typing test” and as with a lot of thing online these days, free typing tutor and typing test websites will pop up.  One such useful website we found was  These can help you with some tips and tricks on increasing your typing speed. Another wonderful tool we found was!practice.  This second link gives you your real time WPM speed, error data and also a score. Keep taking these regularly. If you’re really serious about making money with transcription, while saving the most important commodity, time, you need to get fast, fast!

3. Don’t try to be blazing fast straight away:

Just like everything else, practice makes perfect.  Don’t be disheartened or give up if the going gets tough initially.  Focus on improving the muscle memory of your hands by typing as fast as you can without caring for a quality score at first.  It will be easier to build quality and accuracy later, but it is important to have speed first.  Build on your successes with determination and patience, like a house, brick by brick.  Eventually you will get into the rare 80-100 WPM club and make money doing transcription, while saving time.

4. Learn to type with 10 fingers:

10 finger typing, audio transcription


This is a no brainer.  Typing with 10 fingers is infinitely times better than tapping away with only your index fingers.  You are not going to get anything done fast enough.  Why make things difficult for yourself?  It probably will take a maximum of one week to adjust to typing with 10 fingers.  Get it done, bruh!

There are typing tutor software available online, like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and Typing Master, which will guide you step-by-step on how to get better at utilizing all 10 fingers of your hands to type as fast as you can, to get you closer to the magic 80+ WPM threshold.  Don’t worry about things that don’t matter.  Simply start learning and get better.

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