Interview transcription and its benefits

Interview Transcription and how it benefits you

Why you should get your interviews transcribed?  Interview transcription can be hugely beneficial for you.  Whether you’re a PhD candidate, podcaster, sermon pastor/producer, multinational firm or healthcare provider.  Or a crocodile hunter, Gollum impersonator, etc.  Interview transcription is the standard and most common data management strategy in research.  Furthermore, which is widely considered as the analysis and interpretation of data.

Interviews are being used increasingly as a tool for collecting information for various purposes such as health issues, education, social issues etc.

Types of interviews

The process of interview transcription can be thought of as a continuum with two dominant modes;

  1. Every utterance is transcribed in as much detail as possible. (VERBATIM)
  2. Various idiosyncrasies of speech, such as grammar, can be corrected.  Also, interview noises such as stutters and pauses are removed.  Furthermore, nonstandard accents are standardized. (NON-VERBATIM)

We can transcribe your interviews in whichever format you choose, without any extra charge.

interview transcription

In-depth interviews provide detailed information about the experiences of the individuals participating.  A qualitative approach, such as an interview, is an integral component of the ever-evolving study process that is responsive to emerging insights.  Furthermore, which contributes to a rich and comprehensive study.

Transcription of interviews helps the interviewer to ensure the accuracy of the content when listening to the audio-tape while reading the transcript to avoid misinterpretation of data.  The interviewer simply cannot rely on their memory of the recorded interviews.  Also, having a transcribed copy of an interview ensures that you have a complete and accurate record of exactly what was said during the interview.

Below are some advantages of interview transcription:

  • It helps the interviewer go through the transcript carefully.
  • Transcripts are an easily readable document of their study.
  • Audio Transcription makes it easier to work in a team where tasks have to be shared.
  • Transcripts help in agreement about interpretation of data.
  • Ensures everyone in the team has a copy of the interview for their analysis.
  • Enables the interviewer to have a follow up and a detailed examination of the events of the interaction.
  • Enables fellow researchers to have direct access to data.
  • Data can be re-used in other investigations and can be re-examined in the context of new findings.
  • Extends the range and precision of observations that can be made.
  • Provides a source of reference for the interviewer while conducting a follow up interview.

interview transcription

On top of all that, interview transcription enables the researchers doing interviews for their dissertation project to track the topic.  Furthermore, which ensures that they can publish this data in the form of thesis or articles for completion of their dissertation.

Literature (transcript) is one of the sources that can be brought to the design of a study and analysis of data.  Literature offers a range of framework that affects the way an interviewer sees the data.  Having a script of data helps in paying much more attention to a set of answers.  If you’d like to get your interviews transcribed, we can help you.  If you have a ton of them, don’t hesitate to ask about a bulk discount!  More info below:

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