Interview transcription

interview transcription

Interview transcription is transcription of interviews.  Captain Obvious over here.  How many interviews do we watch daily?  Whether it be on TV, the internet.  A live interview on your street.  Or your wife/husband interviewing you at midnight when you come home drunk?  Well, almost all interviews will usually end up getting transcribed.  (Maybe not that last one).  Audio transcription is done for the purpose of documenting and having an electronic backup.  Also, it can help you immensely if you’re doing research, and need to sift through to get to your topic after the initial, obligatory small talk (tsk tsk).  Furthermore, it’s much easier to type Ctrl+F than rewind and forward a tape having to listen to your horrible voice being extra polite.  I have heard my own voice.  I sound like a high pitched version of Willy Wonka for some reason. :-/

Types of Interviews

Interviews can vary in type, such as one-on-one interviews, a multiple speaker conference, or a whole bus of people.  Of course, as you already must have guessed, the complexity of interview transcription increases along with the number of participants.  Also, if the recording quality is bad, that’s like a cherry on top.  No, really, we are gluttons for punishment.  Just kidding.  If you don’t have a digital recorder,  fear not.  It’s 2016.  There are a number of neat apps for smartphones these days to record interviews in great quality, in whichever file format you want.  We might add, it really makes sense to conduct interviews with ass less background noise as possible.  It’s so that you make, not only yours, but our life easy, get the transcript faster, and also pay less for interview transcription!

How can we help you?

Fortunately for you, we are qualified, highly experienced in the field of interview transcription.  Also a godsend, and extremely humble.  In all seriousness, as you can read in the testimonials, a lot of our clients are PhD candidates, for whom we have transcribed numerous interviews.  One common theme is we managed to catch a lot of difficult words.  Practice makes perfect.

In the past several years, we have transcribed various types of interviews.  These include:

  • One-on-one or multiple speakers.
  • Legal Interviews, medical notes.
  • Marketing surveys or researches.
  • Student dissertation, thesis, research interviews.
  • Focus group interviews.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Group debates, press briefings.
  • Psychological analysis and research recordings.

And many, many more.  If you have an interview that needs to be transcribed, contact us today.  More info below:

Our rates for interview transcription

Upload audio for interview transcription

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