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Busting popular myths about online transcription services

Facts and misconceptions about audio transcription

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Hey everybody, and welcome to Myth — naah, none of that here.  We’re here to shed more light on audio transcription.  Sure, sure, it is not rocket science, and it is exactly what it sounds like, transcription of audio, conversion of audio to text, listening to an audio file and typing it in an electronic word processing document, making an Asian Palm Civet eat coffee beans and making coffee from its — that last one has nothing to do with audio transcription.  Anyway, point is it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Some of the most highly proficient English speakers, and fast typists I know have had trouble transcribing an error free document.

Since it’s been around forever, there are a lot of myths surrounding audio transcription.  Let’s take a look.

MYTH No. 1: Voice recognition software will replace human transcribers

I have used voice recognition apps, dictation/transcription software etc. and no, they won’t be replacing transcribers any time soon.  The only way they will even come close is if they invent AI (artificial intelligence) as we have seen in our previous post and several other posts on our audio transcription blog, by ScriptoSphere.  Unless you speak really, REALLY slow, like 10 words per minute, and really close to the microphone, like those people who breathe into the mic, ugh,  then yeah, sure, please do invest $300-$400 in buying one of those.  So, this myth is: FALSE

MYTH No. 2: Transcriptionists are really fast typists

If you have decent speed on the keyboard, that is enough.  Of course being crazy fast helps.  You should see me, my hands are a blur when typing.  It’s like Quicksilver from the X-Men movies (not the one from Avengers, because that one was crap).  I am also very humble.  Decent speed of 40 WPM is enough to get a lot done in your work hours.  So, this myth is:  FALSE 

MYTH No. 3:  Transcriptionist equals Typist

This is where a lot of people undermine the field of audio transcription, specifically general transcription.  A modern day transcriptionist needs not only to have a great ear and fast hands, but they also need to have incredible amounts of general knowledge, tech knowledge, and be up-to-date with world events, otherwise it will take forever to research, especially for podcasts.  It is simply not enough to type fast.  This myth again is: FALSE

MYTH No. 4:  Online transcription services are expensive

Well, this one is true and false at the same extent.  For example, if you want a phone which fits in your budget, works flawlessly, has all the features you could need and more, does its freaking job, and you don’t care about spending an extra dime on a brand name, or because a half bitten Apple logo will look cooler in your social circle — you know where I’m going with this.  Not all the good things in life have to be expensive!  We believe in functionality over pomp, and that reflects in our work and transcription pricing.  This myth is:  FALSE

MYTH No. 4:  Transcription can be done from home

Not while watching a marathon of Game of Thrones in your pyjamas and eating a bucket of KFC, no.  But if you have decent office space, a work desk and a chair, a capable computer, speedy internet connection and nice power backup, you can do transcription at home easily.  FINALLY, a myth that is: TRUE.

If you can’t be bothered to do transcription at home, or transcribe any of your million interviews you recorded over the summer, don’t fret coz we’re here bruh/sis!  Below you can find links and information to our transcription services.

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