New Moto X phones to be modular

New Motorola Moto X phones reported to be modular

Moto X 2016, modular moto x

Along with the possibility of 50% faster latest generation processors in new smartphones in 2016, other fresh rumors floating about the brand new 2016 Moto X are quite interesting.  Reports are now suggesting that the new phone will be modular.  Which means you will be able to change your backplates or covers with a variety of capabilities.  Also, there are two new Moto X phones, the Vertex and Vector Thin, both of them modular.

Furthermore, VentureBeat reports: “The phones’ backplates have a line of 16 dots near the bottom.  And these are not speaker ports.  They’re connection pins.  Motorola has designed six “Amps” (modules) that add new features to the phone, including stereo speakers, a battery pack, a camera grip with flash and optical zoom.  Along with a pico projector and a rugged cover with wide-angle lens attachment.  The cameras on these two new phones jut out a fair bit, but they should lay flush once the modules are attached.”

The new modular Moto X phones will reportedly be fairly easy to modify.  You can attach modules directly to the back of the phones, without having to remove the battery or any other “techy” thing.

Specifications (rumored) for the 2016 Moto X phones are: 5.5 inch AMOLED displays (Vertex has full HD display, and Vector Thin sports a Quad HD resolution.  Also, Storage wise Vector Thin will have 32 GB, and either 3 GB or 4 GB RAM.  Vertex will have 16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM or 32 GB storage and 3 GB RAM.  Furthermore, the Vector Thin is remarkably only 5.2 mm thick.  Below is a look at the modular backplate for Moto X 2016 phones.

moto x 2016 modular backplate

Motorola didn’t confirm or deny anything.  But as we all know by now, these “leaks” are usually to gauge customer excitement, and are mostly true.

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