Online audio transcription and your online presence

Benefits of Online Audio Transcription for your Website, YouTube Channel, Podcast and Online Presence

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Online Audio Transcription to improve your online presence

Whether you’re a YouTuber, a Podcaster, a radio show producer, a blogger, writer, PhD candidate, book author, Spellcaster, Bladerunner, or bodysnatcher.  Or you simply have a website that writes about tech or popular culture, you need online transcription services more than you think.  Radio shows and other forms of broadcasting have gone online.  Exclusively in some cases.  It’s 2016, internet gains a massive foothold in mainstream mass media every single day.  YouTuber is self-explanatory, unless you live under a rock with mobile data.  If that is the case, I don’t even know how you’re reading this.  Anyway, one of the terms “Podcaster” simply means one who produces podcasts.  Podcasts are basically weekly or bi-weekly radio shows which you can download on your device and listen to whenever you feel like.

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That is the universal podcast symbol, yes, even on Mars.  That’s literally a bald dude with two halos.  Or his head is like a Wi-Fi router.  Anyway, everyone loves to get their information on-the-go, which is where podcasts have been so successful.  There are plenty of podcasts available online, talking daily, weekly or monthly about a number of different topics, whether it be technology, politics, finance, sports, movies, music, video games, dandruff, Chewbacca, Donald Trump etc.

But sometimes there can be accessibility issues for listeners.  For example, if someone has slow internet access, or are just too cheap to get better internet, they can face problems with streaming or downloading those shows. Especially videos that are more often larger files.

How can online audio transcription help?

Even if you’re on a dial-up modem with 128 kbps speed, opening a transcript literally takes seconds.  (Kids, if you don’t know what a dial-up modem is,  you don’t wanna know the pain.)  Anyway, by getting your shows transcribed, you provide your listeners the following benefits:

  • Up-to-date digital, readable record of your shows.
  • Help people with hearing disability.
  • Help people who want to read your shows while listening to Dr. Dre on their “Beats” headphones.
  • Ensure wider consumption of content you’re producing.
  • More people = more popularity of your show

Sure, the tone and modalities of a speaker cannot be captured in text, but these days transcripts can come very close with the use of interactive tags and other tools.

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Discrete reading at your own convenience

A transcript of your recorded show or interview provides a verbatim written record of exactly what was said.  People can download it straight to their smartphones, tablets or e-book readers like Kindle.  I mean wouldn’t you want more mediums to showcase your awesome talent, rugged awesomeness and awesome humility?

How can online audio transcription help with your website and SEO?

Online audio transcription allows for effective SEO, helping search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, etc.  Those search engines find and index your podcasts better.  It’s readily available, formatted, web optimized content that you don’t have to pay an SEO expert for.  What’s more, if you want, we will optimize it for you, free of charge!

There are numerous benefits of having episodes of your recorded audio transcribed. Some of them include:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The transcript can be put up on your blog or website.  Search engines can then crawl and pick up tons of relevant content to boost your website’s rankings.
  2. Extra stuff for people: The transcripts can be sold to podcast subscribers.  Or be given as a bonus for subscribing.
  3. Reach a wider audience: Not everyone can listen to or watch your podcasts.  Furthermore, Transcripts help add an extra dimension, an extra option. More power to the people!  Also, transcripts help listeners to know you actually care about them.  Furthermore, some people may prefer reading over listening or watching.
  4. Subtitles, slides and videos: Transcripts can be used to add subtitles/captions to your videos or make a PowerPoint slideshow presentation quickly.

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