Online Audio Transcription Services for Book Authors

Online Audio Transcription Services for Book Authors

Value of online audio transcription for a writer


Depending on the kind of genre they specialize in, all book authors conduct field interviews to have material for their book. So, whether it’s self-help, travel, health, guide, religion, spirituality, new age, science, history, art, biographies etc.  Even fantasy authors may need to do field research on dragons and interview some of them.  Or at least ask their friend to pretend to be a huge dragon.  Rawrr!


When authors do research for their latest projects, it is absolutely crucial for them to keep track of all their recordings and notes.  Which is why most writers carry a recorder with them at all times.  (Drats, my time machine teleported me back to the 2000s).  Smartphones!  Everyone carries smartphones these days.  Shiny, gigantic smartphones with clever apps that have made recorders obsolete.  Writers record a ton of material, including interviews, seminars, dictations, random musings etc. and record them.  But it can be quite tedious to go back and forth, rewinding and forwarding through the recorded material to find what they’re looking for.

How does audio transcription help?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a searchable document, in ANY format you can think of?  Furthermore, you can have important terms highlighted and time stamped in the font, weight and color you want it in.  This is where an online audio transcription service comes in.  We can provide a detailed, well formatted transcript of your audio file, with all the extra stuff mentioned above, for no extra charge.  On top of highlighted time stamps, our transcripts have line numbers, making navigation within the transcript even easier.  Also, participants in the interview are labeled with their name, so you know exactly who spoke, and when.

In fact, we are so confident in the accuracy of our final transcript, that you can even copy paste text straight from the transcript into your book. You don’t even have to thank us in the collaborators section in your book!  Would be so great though, especially with a link to our website.  🙂

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