Online transcription services and your website’s presence

How online transcription services help boost your website’s presence

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Online transcription services factor into SEO

Even though SEO as a term is no longer as prevalent as it was a couple of years ago, the message behind this post is pretty straightforward.  It’s what every entrepreneur or business owner wants; to make their brand be known worldwide.  And a big part of that is how people find your website online.  They use Google, Bing or Yahoo!  The three most used search engines.  Furthermore, like we continue to stress in our posts on this topic, having transcripts of your recordings, dictations, interviews, multi-speaker discussion panels, seminars, podcasts, talk-shows are great things to have.  And if they are published on your website in text form, they greatly improve your website’s rankings on the aforementioned search engines.  On top of that, it’s nice to give people options, a choice, whether they want to read or to listen.  That’s why audio books are a lesser used alternative for text books.

Search engines love content, and we create it

All search engines love content.  The frequency, amount and consistency of content.  That’s how they can determine which website should rank higher.  Transcripts on your website work as content in the most effective way.  All you have to do is record a dictation or an interview.  Get it transcribed.  And you have content ready to be uploaded to your site.  Furthermore, a professionally stylized transcript can capture everything you want your readers to not miss out on if they choose to read, rather than listen.  Another reason to give online transcription services a chance is because this way you can delegate important work.  Time that can be better spent elsewhere.  Instead of thinking of new content yourself, or paying somebody else to do it, which you will end up editing anyway, just have your recordings transcribed.

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