Outsourcing Transcription: Why it makes perfect sense

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Outsourcing transcription or simply the term ‘outsourcing’ has such a negative vibe for some people.  Somehow politicians have made us believe outsourcing is hurting our economy.  Which is just not true.  If you save money, or make money with outsourcing, that money is going into your economy.  We are all one.  We all come from the same place.  As science has proven now, all our great, great, great x 10 ancestors migrated out of Africa to several different regions of the world.  Then we evolved different physical features depending on the region we were in over thousands of years.  And we then picked a place, named it, made invisible borders around it based on physical features, language, culture, race, creed, religion etc. and went to war with each other.

Flash forward to 2017 now, and some people still believe that when it comes to jobs related to the English language, they are better off done onshore.  Even if the foreign dude is perhaps better educated and has a better understanding of English than your native fella.  English is now so widespread, that there is literally no distinguishable difference between speakers’ understanding of the language anymore.  Furthermore, Hollywood movies are shown in theaters and TV sets globally.  Sports now speak a global language.  And online gaming and eSports have players and teams from around the world.  All these things have bridged the language gap, and broken barriers massively.

What talent does audio transcription really need?

While familiarity with English, and being a native speaker may be crucial a decade ago.  But as we have illustrated above, and for many obvious reasons, outsourcing transcription is safer than ever before.  It works, and it works really well!  Even though we are based in United Kingdom for now, the home of English, we still prefer to outsource transcription work to countries like India, Philippines, Romania, South Africa etc.  Also, non-native English speakers from other countries are now leaders of global tech giants like Google and Microsoft.  The point being?  Don’t worry about outsourcing transcription work.  We can get the job done, and do it well!

Furthermore, transcription can be a niche, difficult job.  Try transcribing 5 minutes of audio without specialized audio transcription equipment, and you’ll understand.  Which is precisely why some onshore transcription companies charge their clients astronomical amounts of money.  In some cases even up to $3 per minute of audio for decent sounding interviews.

Where can you outsource transcription to?

One of the countries receiving most of the outsourcing work is India.  A nation which is second only to USA in terms of the English speaking population, according to the census quoted on this Wikipedia page.  On top of that, Indians are known to be hard workers.  Things aren’t that expensive to maintain.  Food is cheap.  Clothing is cheap.  Hence, transcription can be done for much lesser, and result in the same quality.  Let’s take healthcare as an example.  Indian doctors and hospitals are doing surgeries and saving lives for American and British patients for a quarter of the cost of the hospitals in their home country.  There is absolutely no difference in the outcome.  In some cases it’s even better!  Don’t you think that for audio transcription, which we can agree is much easier to do than surgery, the outcome can be similar?

Our team consists of university graduates in English from many different countries with experience totaling many decades in many different disciplines.  Outsourcing transcription works flawlessly, and can save you time and effort, and most importantly, a bucket load of money.  It’s 2017, the internet phenomenon has brought our world together and made things a lot easier.  Take advantage of it!

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