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Affordable Professional Transcription Services

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Affordable professional transcription services” is a search term we often see on Google.  It is one of the most widely used search terms for a reason.  In today’s economic climate, customers need transcription service that’s easy on the pocket.  Of course, no compromise on quality goes without saying.  You need someone who can do the job at a lesser price than the competition, do it fast enough, all while maintaining high level quality.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Now, being as humble as possible, we can guarantee we can provide all the aforementioned services.

If you have an interview, a seminar, conference, on-field recording from World War II, we will do our best to convert it to text.  Furthermore, you can get the transcript in the format of your choice.  The rates are unbeatable, only $1.20 per minute of audio.  What that gets you is transcription + proofreading with a TAT of 2 days.  A lot of our competitors won’t give a specific TAT for cheap transcription.  It can take weeks, or months, to get your file back.

Why Choose Us?

We promise top-notch professional transcription services through experience gained over 10+ years.  As the old adage goes, practice really does make perfect.  In our tenure, we have tackled such difficult files where it seemed the speaker was whispering through white noise.  Or the interview was being held in that old building in Batman vs Superman.  Just tons of background noise.  What we do is first try to get the context of the interview each time.  If the client provides reference material, all the more better.  We don’t just brainlessly type what we hear.  We try to listen.  Because let’s be honest, even a voice recognition software with dumb AI can type what it hears.

File Formats & Transcription Type

Another benefit of working with us is you don’t have to worry about audio file formats.  Just upload your audio files for transcription on our website, and we will handle the rest.  We accept MP3, WAV, WMA, ASF, DSS, MOV, AVI, MP4, AIFF (or anything else you have!).  You also don’t have to worry about the kind of interview.  We can transcribe whatever you might possibly have, for ex.

  • Podcasts, Financial, Scientific and general
  • Focus group interviews, Academic interviews
  • Radio shows
  • TV News shows, interview shows
  • Articles, lectures, forums, reports
  • Business meetings, conferences, teleconferences
  • Discussions, debates, webcasts, interactive forums
  • Seminars, symposiums
  • Sermons, prayer meetings
  • Scientific research interviews
  • Depositions, Insurance Transcription
  • Subpoenas and general correspondence

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