Role of a Proofreader in Audio Transcription

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Role of a proofreader in audio transcription is more than just the image of an old guy with a Sherlock hat, smoking a pipe, looking at documents with a magnifying glass.  Well, maybe for 1960s that may be true. (Who even smokes pipe anymore? They “vape”).  Anyway, proofreading or quality analysis is one of the most important aspects of audio transcription in 2016.  In fact it may even be more important than the role of a transcriber.

Proofreading/Quality Analysis

Sure, you can get your audio file transcribed by a voice recognition software.  But unless you want a document which resembles a 3 year old’s scribbling, you will need a professional proofreader.  Someone who can edit that document and make it comprehensible.  That is where it becomes an art.  In any case, having two different sets of ears and two different brains listening to the same audio will dramatically decrease the number of errors.  That is a fact.  To make the document grammatically correct, you need immaculate command over English, and experience.  Proofreaders or quality analysts in the transcription service industry have to be skillful.  And at the very least, need to be highly proficient in English.


Proofreaders carry huge responsibilities on their experienced shoulders.  Apart from analyzing a transcript and getting its accuracy level as close to 100% as possible, the second most important aspect of a proofreader’s job is to send feedback to the transcriber.  This ensures quality is maintained, repetitive mistakes are minimal, and the whole team improves together in a cohesive fashion, a huge positive for any team.  Looking at the role from this lens, a proofreader may, from time to time, don the hat of a supervisor/manager too.

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