Ways to save money on audio transcription

Save money and pay less for online audio transcription services

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Invest in a good recorder or get a good app

If you’re doing this often.  Let’s say you’re a journalist, or you have to interview a 100 people for your doctoral thesis, then it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality digital recorder.  Or simply get a recorder app for Apple or Android from their respective app store.  If you use a Windows computer, you can make and record calls via Skype.  There are lots of add-ons these days to record calls via Skype.

Record in a quiet place

While you and the interviewee is talking, no one, and I repeat, no one wants to listen to Godzilla and King Kong tearing each other’s limbs off in the background.  Or a Beach Boys special karaoke night in a drunken bar.  Which are basically the same two things.

godzilla vs king kong

Try not to conduct your interviews in a busy cafeteria, bar, or a restaurant where people like to talk philosophy while loudly chewing their food, and their kids screaming as an added bonus.  Don’t record in a public park with the same kids screaming there too!  Doing all of the above does one thing, it puts your project firmly into the difficult transcription category.  Audio difficulty goes up, price goes up, and it takes twice as longer.  It’s just simple mathematics and a little bit of common sense.  So, be smart, save money, find a place with the least amount of background and ambient noise.  Then make sure the recorder is as close to speakers’ mouths as physically possible.  And voila, you pay lesser and you get your transcripts faster.

Give the transcription company a glossary of terms

Once the initial price and turnaround time negotiations are done with, please do remember to give the nice guy from the transcription service a glossary of terms and names related to your project.  This always helps in reducing the amount of research that will be done by the transcription team.  Hence bringing down the cost and turnaround time that much lower.

Read the terms and conditions carefully

A lot of transcription companies will charge you a lot of money and only provide you with a roughly transcribed document.  Which you will then have to edit yourself on your own time.  That furthermore adds considerable time to your project.  Instead, try and find a transcription service (such as ours!) who make it clear on the outset that they will provide you with a transcribed and proofread document, i.e. a final document that doesn’t need proofreading.

We can assure you that our transcription process is a three tiered one.  Every audio file gets transcribed, proofread, and then reviewed by a senior experienced quality analyst to maintain the highest levels of accuracy.  Below is more information about our services:

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