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Can we call sermon transcription the holiest form of transcription?  Sermons have been an integral part of all Christians growing up.  At least it was in mine.  In today’s world, between all the turmoil, it is nice to see some people have belief.  Especially if they hold onto that belief strongly in the face of all scientific evidence.  To each their own, live and let live.  For those who don’t know, a sermon is an oration by a prophet or a member of the clergy.  Usually pastors and priests these days.  They can be very thought provoking, entertaining, or hate filled.  Also, extremely boring, depending on who is giving the sermon.  Just as it is for many things in life.  What’s most important for a pastor, a congregation, a church or a Christian community is to spread love and positive vibes, not hatred and negativity.  Otherwise the whole point of religion is lost.  It should also not be about competition, whose religion is better, etc.  There again, the whole point of religion is lost.

Pros and cons of sermons and congregations

Sermons, when given by an intellectual, intelligent pastor, can be a wonderful, constructive thing.  Also, they can serve as a good listen for Christians and non-Christians alike.  Jesus’ teaching, even if you don’t believe in them, were about peace, gratitude, forgiveness.  Also, just simply getting along, values that a lot of entrepreneurs today live by.  Of course, many people interpret those teachings differently.  Furthermore, they may manipulate them and spread them wrongly to further their own agenda, to spread hate.  Also, they use it to simply pinch money from their followers, which is sad.  So, be careful which congregation you choose.

How do transcripts help?

Transcripts of a sermon can help many people.  The hearing disabled, or people who simply prefer to read than listen.  Sermon transcription is an art, in that it takes a certain amount of skill, and of course, knowledge.  Sure, everything can be found on the internet these days.  But it helps that our team has over a decade of experience in sermon transcription, which results in accurate sermon transcripts.  And that too, quick.   When transcribing sermons, we make sure we spell each and every biblical word or phrase as accurately as possible.  Furthermore, we make sure to do proper research.  Once that is done, a senior quality analyst gives it another thorough check to ensure only the top-notch quality for your transcripts.  More info about our sermon transcription services below.

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