Transcription Team and its impact on Accuracy

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I was going to use an Avengers picture to depict a transcription team (hilarious, I know), but couldn’t due to copyright and hatred issues.  

A transcription team and its significance

Just like pretty much any other business providing a product or a service, a good team can determine how good a transcription service provider really is.  A lot of transcription companies do not bother with quality analysis, which ultimately falls on the client themselves.  A good transcription team consists of transcribers, proofreaders, and final quality analysts which make sure every transcript adheres to a promise of 99% accuracy.  If even one of those team members is missing, it can show in the transcript.

There are times when you desperately need to get your interviews transcribed quickly and accurately.  Sure, the first impulse for some may be to go with a freelance transcription provider or a voice recognition software.  However there is one important aspect missing; quality analysis.  Only a transcription team can guarantee you quality.

Quality over Quantity

Our advice to you is to obviously choose us.  I mean even in our most unbiased mood, we would still recommend ourselves.  BUT let’s look at it objectively; you should choose the best transcription services offered on the planet today.  Which is so obviously us.

Having gotten the obvious out of the way, we have always valued quality over quantity.  Our transcripts may sometimes get delayed (rarely), but you will never be wanting for quality.  We as a company are also very straightforward and transparent with you about all our policies, procedures, terms and conditions.  Our rates are affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.  If you take a quick look at our testimonials page, you can get an idea of what our clients feel about us.  You can even wake them up in the middle of the night for an opinion about our services.  I mean sure they won’t like you very much, but they will only say glorious things about us!  Trust us!

Every transcript goes through transcription, proofreading and a final quality analysis.  Which ensures at least 98% accuracy.  That’s our team’s number one objective.  We love you as clients.  We want you to keep coming back.  If we provide bad services, we lose customers, which is bad for business.

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