Transcription Service versus Voice Recognition Software

Transcriber vs Terminator

audio transcription vs voice recognition

Can Humans hold a candle to AI in audio transcription?  And more importantly, not lose shamelessly? We find out.

Robots are taking over, literally.  Not really.  Did Gmail just ask me if I want to attach something to my email, because I wrote the word “attached” in it? Yup, robots are definitely taking over.  Our lives today are governed by software and apps, whether you’re at work or at the gym, in the kitchen or in the evening for leisure.

1. Technology rules all.

We go to an expensive restaurant, and our smartphones magically pop out as soon as the food comes.  Just so we can show to our friends (or rub it in their faces to be precise) how much more drunker and fattier our evening is compared to theirs.  So, yes, tech has given us embarrassing new tools to show-off these days.  Also, there is one side effect to all of this.  I have tried to undo breaking a coffee mug several times by pressing Ctrl+Z.  I don’t think we ought to be so caught up in all of this.

Furthermore, with machines or whatever sort of dumb-ey AI they have come up with now replacing almost all human jobs, a lot of people have become jobless and had to learn new skills to find employment.  I was thinking about learning to make donuts, JUST in case.  But I don’t think beer and whiskey filled donuts would be a big hit.  Not a good day for anybody.

2. AI taking over transcription – yeah right.

As a transcription service provider, I can tell you that voice recognition software has been at our disposal for ages now.  Furthermore, they all claim to accurately catch all words.  Even if a software could understand a slow speaker, you would still require human editors to give shape to the unfinished task.  And if you’re spending time doing that, you might as well just upload your audio, get the transcript, pay the invoice and have your peace of mind. Probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks for voice recognition software is deciphering foreign accents.  This is where our nights of watching French and Italian movies pays off. Omelette Au Fromage. Oui

They also claim to be low cost.  Which is kind of pointless, because transcription rates these days are already pretty low.  Especially with bulk discounts! *Wink wink*.  Also, what’s the point of buying a $400 software (with taxes), if you will have to spend hours, days, weeks refining the final document anyway?

Machines can’t beat humans in transcription, yet (Bahaha!).  And most probably never will, unless they invent a fully functioning AI with a brain that functions just like a human brain.  Which is impossible.  Because let’s face it, tsk tsk, our brains are pretty spectacular.

3. AI is dangerous. Haven’t you seen The Terminator?


AI will most probably never be invented, and even if it does, it will be with extremely limited access.  If any at all.  But I’m sure it will figure stuff out, just like Arnold did.  Furthermore, a lot of experts, and your everyday genius billionaire Elon Musk being one of its biggest and most vocal detractors, have warned that inventing AI right now, or in the next 20 years, would be extremely dangerous.  It’s not something to play with.

If you allow an intelligent machine on your computer, what next?  It will secretly outbid you on that rose petal themed teapot you had been eyeing for so long on eBay.  Do you want that kind of pain in your life? No!

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