Video Transcription in the age of Digital Marketing

Video Transcription and its uses in Digital Marketing

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If used together properly, video transcription and digital marketing can be a deadly combo.  Not quite like the A-Team, but close.  A lot of digital marketing is dependent on content.  One of the easiest ways to get new content, and lots of it, is video transcription.  These could be interviews with pioneers in your field, or just some experts who’ve got a lot to say, or simply you alone blabbering (albeit with intellectual verbosity) about your interest for hours.  Search engines don’t wait around to listen to the audio of the interview, they’ve got better things to do, like read it.  Whether you have a YouTube channel or a podcast blog/network, digital transcription can help immensely.

SEO benefits of Video Transcription

Imagine two websites, yours and your competitor’s.  You have transcripts for all your shows, and your competitor only has a brief introduction.  Based on content alone, your website will rank higher.  What’s more, another aspect of digital marketing is SEO and PPC.  PPC services like Google Adwords and others can help you find keywords relevant to your niche, and you can add those keywords in the transcripts in a generous manner.  All of this in turn again gives your website/blog an SEO boost.  Even if your video is painfully boring, which I’m sure it isn’t, a good combination of keywords and SEO friendly content via transcript of your video can give your brand that crucial recognition and awareness.

Our team at ScriptoSphere has built considerable experience working with podcasters, sermon orators and video production houses.  We have a streamlined process put in place, allowing us to handle huge file sizes as it is common for videos.  Our cost also includes time stamps or any other special need the client may have.  See more information below:

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