Media Transcription Special: Video transcription and its uses

Video transcription, SEO and baby foxes

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How many of your work hours have you wasted watching that baby get scared, laugh, and proceed to crap his pants?  Or that puppy and kitten adorably biting each other’s tiny ears?  Or that heavy guy falling down trying to attempt a Jackie Chan stunt?  I am guessing many hours.  While you are shamefully saying “yes” to the above question, make sure your boss doesn’t see you nodding your head in front of the screen.

Let’s not kid ourselves, videos are still one of the most consumed forms of media available on the internet today.  Furthermore, with internet speeds getting into the crazy “why do I even need this much speed?!?” category, even your local priest would find time to stream a prank video in between his daily prayers. “We thank thee God for abundan — holy crap, how awkwaaard! LOL OMG”

Why are videos important?

Several comprehensive studies show that 90% of the test subjects prefer videos over any other means of information.  Who even does these studies?  Oh, right.  CISCO showed how a huge percentage of online content consists in videos alone.  Also, all search engines work by crawling through the text on your website, like a hungry intrusive spider.  Which is also an annoying spider, because it bloody never works how you want it to!  Anyway, point being this annoying spider doesn’t see videos, only text.  So, you can upload hundreds of hours of you blabbering reviews about the latest movies.  But all Google will see are the keywords associated with it.  Annoying, right?  This is why video transcription and SEO are so important.

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How can video transcription help?

At this point you must be losing your marbles.  Don’t worry, chill out, we got this!  Simply upload your videos for video transcription on our website, and we’ll take care of the rest.  We will send you a nice transcript with accurate transcription.  And even a summary with keywords if you want to, along with a box covered in fairy dust, and inside that box are baby foxes and bunnies. *Sarcasm*

So, I guess I don’t have to spell out the bleeding obvious part, that good video + efficient text for SEO = more visibility on the interwebs.  Not only that, you remove the most important barrier of all, the language barrier.  Studies, and common sense, prove that it’s a lot easier to follow written text than trying to comprehend a foreign accent.  A lot of foreigners already don’t understand Hollywood movies, and hate the actors for it.  Do you want to be hated?  No?  Get your videos transcribed!

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