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Video Transcription

video transcription

Video transcription and Negan, what?  Okay, so the above picture MAY not be the best picture to get our point across.  Especially because SO many The Walking Dead fans hate this guy right now.  Don’t worry, it will get better.  He underestimates Rick Grimes and his clan.  Thank the internet for online video transcription.  Now people from around the world can frown at Negan and his smug evilness.  The advent of technology on the internet lately has given birth to so many new innovative ways for people to interact with each other.  Tech has enabled everyone to express themselves much better on a bigger canvas to the world.  Services like YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook are a prime examples of this.  You can now make world class videos in your bedroom, in your pajamas, without ever getting out in the sun, and make millions.

You can review gadgets, shout while playing video games.  You can have thousands of people watch you while you eat food.  Yeah, I know, that last one is quite weird.  I mean we’re supportive and all, but I can’t even stand people I like chew food around me.  Video transcription plays very well into this new culture.  By getting accurate transcripts of their videos, producers can reach a much wider variety of audience all over the world.  If the video is long, and let’s say the speakers in the interview are fast talkers, then subtitling can be a tedious task.  A lot of producers hire a video transcription service for exactly that.

ScriptoSphere will provide you with accurate transcripts of your videos.  Furthermore, no matter the type, whether movies, YouTube short videos, interviews, documentaries, technical presentations or simply a TV show, we can guarantee 99% accuracy.  Please contact us via email for more information, quotes and discounts, and visit our website for details on rates.

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