Virtual Reality Documentary on Mount Everest

virtual reality mount everest

Virtual Reality is here, and it has brought a whole new dimension along with it.  I was born and brought up in India, and only saw Mount Everest in a passing glance on a magical, and quite confronting school trip to Nepal.  Since then I’ve been planning to go to Mount Everest every year to get a closer look.  But because of literally no time ever, it’s never been possible.  I have no desire or want to climb Mount Everest, just to be clear.  Especially not after reading and watching all the horror stories about it.  I am a chicken that way.

But now, because of virtual reality, you can go places, SAFELY, you’ve never been in the comfort of your armchair.  Finally, it’s no longer an insult to be called an “armchair enthusiast”.  This new virtual reality documentary series will let you follow a team of mountaineers as they take on this dangerous climb up Mount Everest.

This virtual reality series is called “Capturing Everest,” and you will follow the journey of four climbers.  They will be led by experienced Everest climbers, Garrett Madison and Brent Bishop, who’ve conquered Everest six and three times, respectively.  This VR documentary series was shot over two months using special cameras on zip lines and body cams attached to the climbers and their harnesses.  This would be a first-person view of how it would be to climb Mount Everest yourself.

According to the publication that released this bit, the VR journey will begin in Kathmandu, Nepal.  From there it will follow the climbers to the Mount Everest base camp all the way to the summit.  Needless to say, like many other virtual reality documentaries, this would be tremendous to watch, and an experience to behold.  While we’d still recommend the actual experience, but for the people short on time, or without the funds and means to get there, this is as good as it gets.  We just can’t wait!

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