We take a look at best voice recording apps for windows.  In the past, we have covered best voice recording apps for Android and iOS on our blog.  Please check the related posts section for more.  Windows Phone users finally get theirs!  Sorry.  If you need a good recording app to record your interviews for transcription, look no further.  Below are our recommendations for the best recording apps for smartphones running on the Windows Phone software:


1. Voice Recorder Pro+

voice recorder+ for windows phone

This app works on any Windows Phone 7.5 and above.  You can record everything in high quality.  It’s got a simple-to-use interface.  You can also connect it to Microsoft’s cloud storage solution “OneDrive” and upload up to one hour of recordings.  Best part is it’s free.


2. VoiceNotes

voicenotes recording app for windows phone

Another simple and easy-to-use recording app for the Windows mobile ecosystem.  It also looks quite neat.  It can record, playback with the help of a voice meter.  Another feature is pinned voice.  Furthermore, it is ad-free.  It also has OneDrive support, so you can save your recordings on the cloud.


3. Recorder

recorder app for windows phone

Next up is an aptly recording app called “Recorder”.  As simple as that.  Straight to the point.  For the same reason it is one of the most popular recording apps for Windows Mobile with a lot of downloads.  Ease of use and simple interface helps.  It is also free.


4. Pocket Recorder

pocket recorder app for windows

Perhaps it’s Captain Obvious day.  These recording apps for windows are just so aptly named, they make it so easy for the user to find and install them!  Pocket Recorder not only records whatever you want to, it is also a potent sound editing app.  You can record, process and sync your recordings easily.  Much like many other apps, you can directly add your recordings to the Windows Media Library, and play them straight away to cringe at your own recorded voice.


5. Yivosoft Recorder

yivosoft recorder app for windows phone

This is one of the most feature rich recording apps in the Windows Mobile ecosystem.  Might as well be, since it costs $2.99, which is also why it’s on the last place.  C’mon guys, free apps will always rank higher.  Paid software is so 2000s.  This app also carries the company’s name.  Having said that, it is feature loaded.  You can record with ease, and even sync recorded files to a desktop PC using their desktop software.