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Quality is our focus and priority, whether we are transcribing, translating or designing. One thing we have learned over the years is to never compromise on quality. You can trust our caffeine addiction is not wasted on surfing Facebook. We actually do the work!
No compromise, no BS. You get the product you were promised, or the money back.
100% effort in everything we do without bragging too much. Proof is in the pudding.

About us

We are an infotech company formed and started in 2009 to provide top-notch transcription services for students, journalists, doctors, PhD candidates, lecturers/professors, pastors, podcasters, multinational corporations, news companies, NGOs and government institutions. What started as a dream and a hope in our living room, quickly turned into a full fledged business with employees from around the world. We have since branched out to translation, video subtitling, and web and mobile design services.

While our competitors focused on numbers and making a quick buck, our focus was always on quality, even if it took painstaking effort to achieve. One thing we always stood true by is to never compromise on quality, whether it be transcription, translation, or web and mobile design.

Focusing on quality has meant that we have grown, sustained, and retained our client base for a long time, which has also resulted in lots of referrals growing our client base even further. In the end we couldn’t have done all of this without our loyal clients and our hard working team. If your need falls within our realm, you can trust us to do an awesome job!

Our Happy Clients

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