Quality is our focus and priority, whether we are transcribing, translating or designing. One thing we have learned over the years is to never compromise on quality. You can trust our caffeine addiction is not wasted on surfing Facebook. We actually do the work!
No compromise, no BS. You get the product you were promised, or the money back.
100% effort in everything we do without bragging too much. Proof is in the pudding.

About us

scriptosphere team

What started as a side project or “side hustle” in 2009 quickly became the sole focus for us because of the sudden, unexpected success!

Within 2 weeks of launching the business and the website going live, we landed our first 3 clients with large projects.  We were unprepared and understaffed to take on such an endeavor, but we persevered, and through hard work and dedication pulled off what was something incredible for us at the time.

Our History

Working in the customer services industry, we transitioned to audio transcription, because we were always fascinated with language and writing.  And so, helping research students, PhD candidates, lecturers/professors, pastors, podcasters, and NGOs with top-notch transcription services seemed like the best path to take.

Having perfected the art of transcription in several companies previous to ScriptoSphere, we wanted to create our own niche in the general transcription arena, which includes academic, podcast and media transcription.  What started as a dream side project in our small living room, quickly turned into a full fledged business with employees from around the world.

Our Focus

Our focus has always been, and will always be, squarely on quality, even if it takes painstaking efforts to achieve it.  Our motto has always been to “measure twice and cut once”, which is what our quality analysts do with each transcript, trying our best to get as close as humanly possible to 99% accuracy.  The holy grail.

Why Our Clients Love Us

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Because we’re obsessed with quality, we have grown, sustained, and retained our client base over the last 10 years, without the need for any marketing or advertising!

Because of our friendly attitude, excellent customer service, our happy clients return and bring their friends along with them, growing our client base even further.

Our Happy Clients