18 09, 2017

Best Skype call recorders for Transcription

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Best Skype call recorders to help you save money on Transcription

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“What’s the best Skype call recorder for transcription” is a question a lot of our clients have asked us over the years.  Now, unless you’ve been living a hermetic life in the Himalayan mountains for the last 20 years, everyone knows what Skype is.  It’s been one of this generation’s most well known free video calling services for a long time.  It started off as a free video calling app/messenger, which has since evolved into a total calling solution.  It has prepaid options, and also pay monthly packages, where you can call landlines and mobile phones on the cheap.

What if I want to record my calls using a smartphone?

If you have a smartphone, which I’m guessing you do, a couple of our previous blog posts on call recording apps for your smartphone’s OS should help.  There are some really neat free and paid versions on there.  Because we are so nice, below are the links to them:

Best recording apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 5 audio recording apps for Android phones and tablets

Best recording apps for Windows Phone and Tablets

Back to Best Skype call recorders for transcription

If you’re working on a laptop or a computer, it doesn’t get better than Skype.  Why it works well is because you can usually work faster on a computer.  It can become a one stop shop where you record calls and upload files for transcription on our website (wink-wink).  Some clients usually put a digital recorder next to the laptop/PC speakers and record the interview, which is not a good idea as it may create static disturbance, and you may end up paying more for transcription services, or not get accurate transcription.  Below are some of our recommendations for the best call recorders for Skype:

MP3 Skype Recorder

best Skype call recorder for transcription, skype call recorder, Skype call recording, record Skype calls

This is a free call recorder for Skype, which should come in handy for you to record all your interviews.  As long as there’s not too much background noise on either side, the recording quality should be good too.  According to their website, this software has no limits, but it may struggle to record long calls.  It should still record calls well enough regardless of the size of your project.  Once you’re done recording, no matter which file format you’ve recorded in, you can upload your files for transcription on our website.

Pamela Call Recorder

best Skype call recorder for transcription, skype call recorder, Skype call recording, record Skype calls

Probably one of the oldest call recorder plugins for Skype.  With the free version you can record audio up to 15 minutes, which is fine if your interviews are short.  But if you don’t want to interrupt your interviews, it’s a good idea to pay for the professional version, which can be expensive depending on the way you look at it.

EVAER Skype Call Recorder

best Skype call recorder for transcription, skype call recorder, Skype call recording, record Skype calls

EVAER or “Excellent Video and Audio Recorder” (um, ok) I’m not sure if that’s actually an acronym, but anyway, it’s kind of the same story as Pamela Call Recorder.  It can record short duration for free, but if you want to record longer duration calls, you’ll have to pay.

Once you’re done recording your calls, you can send your files to us and we’ll transcribe them for a small fee.  More info on our transcription services below:

Our rates to transcribe your interviews

Upload your recorded interviews for transcription

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14 09, 2017

Recording interviews for transcription for the first time

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Tips and tricks for first time users to master the art of recording interviews for transcription

record audio for transcription, first time interviewee, academic transcription

Newbees rejoice!  We understand your pain.  Recording interviews for transcription has always been a tricky task.  Let’s face it, the quality of interviews you record is directly going to affect the outcome.  Clearer sound = accurate transcript.  Legit interview recording skills = better overall outcome of your project.  Wait!  Before you go buying high end audio recording equipment, that picture above is just for dramatic effect.  You don’t need all that jazz (tsk, tsk) to record simple interviews.  All you need is a decent recording app for your smartphone.

Smartphone apps to record interviews for transcription

“But which operating system?” or “But I have an iPhone” should naturally be your next questions.  Well, you can always browse the app store of your respective phone, judge an app by its reviews.  Furthermore, you can check out these previous posts on the same topic on our blog:

Best recording apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 5 audio recording apps for Android phones and tablets

Best recording apps for Windows Phone and Tablets

Digital Recorders to record interviews for transcription

A smartphone app will be more than good enough if you’re just recording a bunch of interviews once or twice.  But if you’re going to be recording interviews for transcription on a regular basis, it’d be a good idea to get a professional digital recorder.  You know, the kinda stuff that trendy journalists use.  They actually serve a purpose.  It may look something like this:

zoom digital recorder, digital transcription, recording for transcription

You see those two chunky microphones at the top?  Those are there to pick up voice clearly, even from a longer distance.  Just keep it as close to the main speaker as you politely can, without accidentally shoving it into their face.  Nobody likes that.  Stop doing that.  Audio clarity helps a ton in transcription, because it saves time and money.  It makes it easier for the first line of transcribers to ascertain terms better and faster, which makes it a breeze for the quality analyst to proofread it and email it to you.

Pick a quiet interview space

It goes without saying that recording interviews in a crowded place or in traffic is going to make it that much more difficult for the transcription service to create a sensible and accurate transcript for you.  One of our earlier posts goes into more detail into what you can do to record great interviews.

Tips for recording research interviews for Academic Transcription

Ask the interviewee to enunciate

Encourage the person you’re interviewing to speak louder and slower if they can.  No point in recording an interview if the speaker is just going to mumble their way through it.

We hope this post has helped you in nailing that first interview recording.  If you have any clarifying questions, please do not hesitate to leave comments or email us.  Find more information about our transcription services below:

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28 06, 2017

Tips for recording research interviews

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PhD candidates, professors, lecturers record a great amount of research interviews, because it’s the best way to gather qualitative data for their thesis or dissertation research.  Academic transcription means turning those interviews into text, because no matter how fast you may be in taking notes, you are likely to always miss out on some key details.  An accurate transcript is a great way for researchers to mine important data for their work.  However, accuracy can only go as far as audio quality.  Difficult audio quality also means you pay more, because as the difficulty goes up, so does the time and effort.  Below are our best tips to record research interviews, so you can save money by taking care of things at your end.

1. Interview Environment:

quiet room for recording, academic transcription, recording for transcription, transcription recording

Looks cozy, doesn’t it?  That not only ensures you’re safe from any bear attacks, but that you record interviews in the quietest environment, resulting in the best possible audio quality, and pay the least amount possible.  It makes our day better too.  Too many times clients forget that recording their research interviews at a busy restaurant, coffee shop, airport, Iron Maiden concert etc. can affect the overall outcome of their dissertation.  Not only are they missing important details, but they’re wasting money.  They might even be wasting time, if they have to re-record the interview because the speakers are barely audible.

2. Interview equipment:

Lots of handy recording apps these days for whichever smartphone ecosystem you’re on, whether it’s iOS, Android or Windows.  We’re going to ignore BlackBerry for now as it’s obsolete.  While apps are certainly good for a one-time affair, but if you’re going to be recording more often, it’s a good idea to invest in a digital recorder, something that looks like this:

You see that massive microphone on top?  That’s highly sensitive, and can pick up the interviewee’s voice much clearer than a smartphone microphone can.  Plus they come with good enough storage, record into MP3, and are all around great value for money, especially like I said, if you will be doing this more often.

3. Interview Participant:

interview participant, transcription interviewee, research interview participant

If your interviewee insists on talking while wearing a mask or a scarf on his face, you can’t really do much about it, can you?  BUT if they’re not running from the law or are a Klan leader, you can ask them to speak in a clear, intelligible, concise manner and enunciate better.  Sometimes the audio quality can be top-notch, but if the speaker talks under their breath, away from the microphone, running through their words, or in some annoying slang, it’s up to you to take control of the interview.  Sure, we love challenges, but this is about you saving money on transcription.  Don’t you want that shiny new smartphone?

Follow these guidelines and keep these tips to record research interviews in mind, and you will never pay an extra penny for difficult audio.  Also find an experienced academic transcription service such as ours. 😉

Our rates for academic transcription

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5 05, 2017

Transcription Service vs Voice Recognition

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transcription vs voice recognition, transcriber vs software, transcription service

Ever since voice recognition transcription software became viable, this topic comes up from time to time.  Which is better?  Human or software?  Sarah Connor or T-1000?  Getting your recordings transcribed by a professional transcription service or buying a voice recognition software?  We have had our fair share of experience with voice recognition software.  Why wouldn’t we?  If we can save money on hiring transcribers, good for us!  But our experience has been less than satisfactory.  Unless the speaker talks really slow, enunciates each word clearly, and there is no background disturbance whatsoever, all voice recognition software struggle to discern sentences — forget sentences, they even get words wrong.

How far has AI VR come?

Although software like Dragon have come a long way since they started, they’re still nowhere near the accuracy of a human transcriber.  To put it in simple terms, unless they come up with artificial intelligence which functions, at least on equal terms to a human brain, a voice recognition software will never, ever come close to delivering the accuracy and quality that a professional transcription service can.  You can try it yourself.  Get the best voice recognition software in the market today, and have it transcribe your interviews.  The time you will spend editing and proofreading the file will be proof enough.  First off, you have to train the software A LOT for it to adapt to your accent and writing style.  Secondly, most of the voice recognition software available in the market today are not comfortable with a fast speaker, or if there’s even slight background noise.  If your speaker is sitting away from the mic, or you’re in a restaurant, good luck!

Why are human transcribers still better?

Any voice recognition software cannot handle background noise, overlapping conversation, or any other disturbance, and that is a fact.  It also cannot understand context, which is a massive factor when it comes to discerning what’s being said.  An experienced human transcriber has information beforehand from the client.  They can understand the context of the interview.  They can tap into their already vast general knowledge, or do research to find complex terms, which a voice recognition software simply cannot.

We don’t want to advertise our transcription services.  The aim of this post is to help clients save time and money.  While technology is good, sometimes it is not as advertised, or the limits of that tech is put in fine print at the very bottom.  A lot of people buy these software, and end up realizing that it takes a lot of their effort and time proofreading the document, than they originally thought.  That is on top of buying the software, which is not cheap.

Our rates for human transcription

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22 03, 2017

Radio show transcription services

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radio show transcription, podcast transcription, radio transcripts

Role of radio show transcripts

Radio show transcripts are in high demand, because radio will always be relevant.  With the advent of TV, cinema, online digital media and everything else you have today, radio is still relevant.  With MTV no longer playing music, instead we get to watch tanned people with IQ smaller than my shoe size argue over who ate their sandwich, radio is your best bet to listen to latest music.  On top of on-air radio shows, there are tons of online radio shows, or podcasts.  Radio show transcripts are just those radio shows converted to text.  These help people with hearing disability, and those who would prefer to read, than listen.  Radio show transcripts are also super helpful for their website.  These transcripts also serve the purpose of growing their audience base exponentially.

Radio show transcription and SEO

I’ve recently heard some podcasters comment on podcast transcription.  While most of them get why it is important, the concept of SEO is lost on some of them. They think that putting podcast transcripts on their website will lure the listener away from the show.  Well, if you’re interesting enough, and your audience isn’t hearing disabled, they WILL listen to your show.  If someone prefers to listen than read, they will always, always choose to listen to the show.  But if some prefer to read, 90% of the time they will want to read it.  By uploading a radio show transcript on your website, you’re giving your visitors one more option.  I think that’s neat.  It always helps to have more options.  Solve problems, and you find success.

Furthermore, podcast or radio show notes in the audio/video description are not good enough for search engine crawlers or bots.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. like content.  Lots of content.  A radio show transcript in that sense will always be a great alternative.  What’s more, we transcribe and proofread the transcript for you.  All you have to do is upload it on your website.   Which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing up extremely detailed show notes for every single episode.  Search engines will pick up keywords appearing in a transcript, which is ultimately beneficial for your website’s ranking.

Radio show transcripts = Another option

Some people prefer to read.  But for some people, the only option is to read.  By offering a radio show transcript to hearing disabled people, you are doing everyone a favor.  First and foremost it helps them.  It’s not charity, it’s just a simple solution to a problem.  Radio shows or podcasts who give their listeners more options are generally more liked, and more popular.  They also rank pretty high on search engines.

We can help you with our radio show transcription services.  More info below:

Rates for radio show transcripts

Have your radio show transcribed

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20 03, 2017

Focus Group Transcription

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focus group transcription, research transcription, academic transcription, group interview transcription, seminar transcription, interview transcription, mp3 transcription

What is focus group transcription?

I hope nobody thinks that literally means focusing on a group transcribing.  Bad joke, I know.  But hey, it’s a joke nonetheless.  What do you want?  Focus group is defined as “A form of qualitative research consisting of interviews in which a group of people are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging.”  Focus group transcription just means converting those interviews to text.  Companies and individuals conduct focus research group interviews almost 24/7, 365 days a year.  This is how they find out which idea to reject and which one to advance.  Or if they just want to meet new people.  Or if they want to put people in a closed room and do hamster experiments on them.

For individuals, such as academics, it means conducting focus group interviews to support their thesis, on which their doctoral study depends.  All of the above means that transcription of focus group interviews needs to be highly accurate.  Phew, big pressure!  Because if we don’t do our job, our individual clients may not get a job!  Get it?  See the pun I used there?  No?  Okay…

Benefits of focus group transcription and accuracy

Let’s not kid around.  It’s much easier to press Ctrl + F in a transcript and find what you’re looking for, than to press the rewind and forward on your MP3 player all the livelong day.  Not only that, because we are such an accurate transcription service, and we don’t drink alcohol (every evening), you can copy large chunks from the transcript and paste them straight into your doctoral thesis.  No need to proofread!  Because we proofread them already.  Our team of quality analysts have a decade of transcription experience, which shines through in each transcript.  Don’t take our word for it, get a free trial.

What’s more, even if you were lazy, just plain careless, or couldn’t help the background or static noise in your recording, we still deliver great accuracy.  It’s a secret, psst! (top-notch audio equipment and sound editing).   If your focus group participants are all hopped on the free coffee you bought them, and can’t help talking over each other, we can handle that too, no problems.  This doesn’t mean that you should encourage such behavior though.  I mean we pride ourselves on accurate transcription, but we’re not gluttons for punishment!  It would make sense to record your interviews in a quiet area and control your group so only one person talks at a time.  You are a PhD candidate, AND a circus ringmaster!  Talk about juggling responsibilities.  *Another pun, snicker snicker.*

Don’t transcribe your interviews yourself.  No need to proofread them either.  Just slip into your favorite PJs, dig into that bucket of ice cream shamelessly, upload your files on our website and forget about the rest.  Oh, it’s not free, you need to pay.  But it’s very affordable!  More information below:

Focus group transcription rates

Upload interviews for transcription

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19 03, 2017

Outsourcing Transcription

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Outsourcing Transcription: Why it makes perfect sense

transcription outsourcing, onshore transcription, interview to text, cheap transcription, affordable transcription

Outsourcing transcription or simply the term ‘outsourcing’ has such a negative vibe for some people.  Somehow politicians have made us believe outsourcing is hurting our economy.  Which is just not true.  If you save money, or make money with outsourcing, that money is going into your economy.  We are all one.  We all come from the same place.  As science has proven now, all our great, great, great x 10 ancestors migrated out of Africa to several different regions of the world.  Then we evolved different physical features depending on the region we were in over thousands of years.  And we then picked a place, named it, made invisible borders around it based on physical features, language, culture, race, creed, religion etc. and went to war with each other.

Flash forward to 2017 now, and some people still believe that when it comes to jobs related to the English language, they are better off done onshore.  Even if the foreign dude is perhaps better educated and has a better understanding of English than your native fella.  English is now so widespread, that there is literally no distinguishable difference between speakers’ understanding of the language anymore.  Furthermore, Hollywood movies are shown in theaters and TV sets globally.  Sports now speak a global language.  And online gaming and eSports have players and teams from around the world.  All these things have bridged the language gap, and broken barriers massively.

What talent does audio transcription really need?

While familiarity with English, and being a native speaker may be crucial a decade ago.  But as we have illustrated above, and for many obvious reasons, outsourcing transcription is safer than ever before.  It works, and it works really well!  Even though we are based in United Kingdom for now, the home of English, we still prefer to outsource transcription work to countries like India, Philippines, Romania, South Africa etc.  Also, non-native English speakers from other countries are now leaders of global tech giants like Google and Microsoft.  The point being?  Don’t worry about outsourcing transcription work.  We can get the job done, and do it well!

Furthermore, transcription can be a niche, difficult job.  Try transcribing 5 minutes of audio without specialized audio transcription equipment, and you’ll understand.  Which is precisely why some onshore transcription companies charge their clients astronomical amounts of money.  In some cases even up to $3 per minute of audio for decent sounding interviews.

Where can you outsource transcription to?

One of the countries receiving most of the outsourcing work is India.  A nation which is second only to USA in terms of the English speaking population, according to the census quoted on this Wikipedia page.  On top of that, Indians are known to be hard workers.  Things aren’t that expensive to maintain.  Food is cheap.  Clothing is cheap.  Hence, transcription can be done for much lesser, and result in the same quality.  Let’s take healthcare as an example.  Indian doctors and hospitals are doing surgeries and saving lives for American and British patients for a quarter of the cost of the hospitals in their home country.  There is absolutely no difference in the outcome.  In some cases it’s even better!  Don’t you think that for audio transcription, which we can agree is much easier to do than surgery, the outcome can be similar?

Our team consists of university graduates in English from many different countries with experience totaling many decades in many different disciplines.  Outsourcing transcription works flawlessly, and can save you time and effort, and most importantly, a bucket load of money.  It’s 2017, the internet phenomenon has brought our world together and made things a lot easier.  Take advantage of it!

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17 03, 2017

Youtube Transcription

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How YouTube transcription services can help you grow your subscribers

youtube transcription, video transcription, youtube subtitles, youtube captions, youtube captioning service, podcast transcription, interview transcription, radio show transcription

A few years ago, the term YouTube Transcription may have been alien to some people.  But it’s the year 2016, YouTubers are now household names.  A lot of them can find success with video content alone.  But if you can provide YouTube captions, you reach a much wider audience.  You can use their built-in YouTube captioning option, but if the video is long, detailed and includes a lot of technical jargon, then you’re better off investing in a YouTube Transcription service.  If you’re a busy bee, you not only save on time and effort, you add professional grade subtitles to your video.  In the long run, that matters a lot for presentation, SEO and global reach.

YouTube Transcription for global reach

youtube transcription, video transcription, youtube subtitles, youtube captions, youtube captioning service, podcast transcription, interview transcription, radio show transcription

It’s always a good idea to get your videos transcribed and subtitled if you want to reach international audience.  Furthermore, a lot of people are non-native English speakers.  And if you want your videos to go viral globally, not just your own city or country, it helps to make it easier to consume for everyone.  Having YouTube subtitles can also help native English speakers read your video, and not listen to it (if your voice is unbearably annoying, or they’re procrastinating at work and don’t want their boss to listen to a sandwich recipe video).  Almost everything can be simplified a great deal with YouTube Transcription.  Furthermore, with the transcribed text, you have ready-made content to make your videos interactive with info-graphic effects.

You can give our YouTube Transcription service a try.  We have almost a decade of experience in video transcription, and our team is well versed with the latest technology, terms and jargons.  More info below:

YouTube Transcription Rates

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15 03, 2017

Online transcription services and your website’s presence

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How online transcription services help boost your website’s presence

online transcription services, SEO, digital transcription, transcription, voice to text, interview to text, general transcription, digital transcription, affordable transcription, podcast transcription service, mp3 to text, transcription

Online transcription services factor into SEO

Even though SEO as a term is no longer as prevalent as it was a couple of years ago, the message behind this post is pretty straightforward.  It’s what every entrepreneur or business owner wants; to make their brand be known worldwide.  And a big part of that is how people find your website online.  They use Google, Bing or Yahoo!  The three most used search engines.  Furthermore, like we continue to stress in our posts on this topic, having transcripts of your recordings, dictations, interviews, multi-speaker discussion panels, seminars, podcasts, talk-shows are great things to have.  And if they are published on your website in text form, they greatly improve your website’s rankings on the aforementioned search engines.  On top of that, it’s nice to give people options, a choice, whether they want to read or to listen.  That’s why audio books are a lesser used alternative for text books.

Search engines love content, and we create it

All search engines love content.  The frequency, amount and consistency of content.  That’s how they can determine which website should rank higher.  Transcripts on your website work as content in the most effective way.  All you have to do is record a dictation or an interview.  Get it transcribed.  And you have content ready to be uploaded to your site.  Furthermore, a professionally stylized transcript can capture everything you want your readers to not miss out on if they choose to read, rather than listen.  Another reason to give online transcription services a chance is because this way you can delegate important work.  Time that can be better spent elsewhere.  Instead of thinking of new content yourself, or paying somebody else to do it, which you will end up editing anyway, just have your recordings transcribed.

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12 03, 2017

Transcription Team and its impact on Accuracy

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transcription team, audio transcription company, transcription services, accurate transcription, affordable transcription, interview to text, mp3 to text, audio to text

I was going to use an Avengers picture to depict a transcription team (hilarious, I know), but couldn’t due to copyright and hatred issues.  

A transcription team and its significance

Just like pretty much any other business providing a product or a service, a good team can determine how good a transcription service provider really is.  A lot of transcription companies do not bother with quality analysis, which ultimately falls on the client themselves.  A good transcription team consists of transcribers, proofreaders, and final quality analysts which make sure every transcript adheres to a promise of 99% accuracy.  If even one of those team members is missing, it can show in the transcript.

There are times when you desperately need to get your interviews transcribed quickly and accurately.  Sure, the first impulse for some may be to go with a freelance transcription provider or a voice recognition software.  However there is one important aspect missing; quality analysis.  Only a transcription team can guarantee you quality.

Quality over Quantity

Our advice to you is to obviously choose us.  I mean even in our most unbiased mood, we would still recommend ourselves.  BUT let’s look at it objectively; you should choose the best transcription services offered on the planet today.  Which is so obviously us.

Having gotten the obvious out of the way, we have always valued quality over quantity.  Our transcripts may sometimes get delayed (rarely), but you will never be wanting for quality.  We as a company are also very straightforward and transparent with you about all our policies, procedures, terms and conditions.  Our rates are affordable and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.  If you take a quick look at our testimonials page, you can get an idea of what our clients feel about us.  You can even wake them up in the middle of the night for an opinion about our services.  I mean sure they won’t like you very much, but they will only say glorious things about us!  Trust us!

Every transcript goes through transcription, proofreading and a final quality analysis.  Which ensures at least 98% accuracy.  That’s our team’s number one objective.  We love you as clients.  We want you to keep coming back.  If we provide bad services, we lose customers, which is bad for business.

Our rates for accurate transcription

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