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Podcast Transcription – What does it mean?

Before we get into podcast transcription, let’s first address what podcasts are.  I’m sure everyone by now already knows what podcasts are. For those who don’t, no, they’re not a spaceship or some kind of doughnut.  Even though it sounds like either of them.  Wikipedia says a podcast is a form of digital media that consists of an episodic series of audio, video, digital radio, PDF, or ePub files, subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a portmanteau of “(i)Pod” and “broadcast.” The Merriam Webster Tenth International Collegiate defines “podcast” as: a program (as of music or talk) made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet.

In simple language, it basically means a radio show you can download. Below is the worldwide accepted official icon of podcasts. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because it’s purple, or hypnotizes you, I guess:

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Podcasts are different from your regular radio or TV talk shows, because you can download them on your device and listen to them as many times as you’d like. Podcasts are fun, and can be on a number of topics.  From financial podcasts to IT development, gaming, web design and development, and digital photography. From weight loss, politics, music, movies, religion, creativity, lovemaking (yes, lovemaking!), life, beauty, business, philosophy, aliens, batman, superman, etc. And many, many more!  How can podcasters get more subscribers?  Do they need to do a rain dance!  Fortunately there is a simpler way.  Search for a podcast transcription service

Podcast Transcription to improve your website’s ranking.

Let’s get one thing straight, your podcasts need to be original (more original than this post).  More entertaining podcasts, and proper marketing gets you more viewers.  That much is not rocket science.  But if you use a professional podcast transcription service to create ready-made content in the form of SEO optimized articles for your website or blog, you guarantee more visibility.  The text needs to be entertaining to read, and formatted and optimized properly for SEO.  Google loves this.  Google or other search engines don’t crawl your website daily, unless you ask them to.  So during a weekly website crawl, Google needs to see there’s been activity on your website.  And not just any activity, but proper, readable, shareable, helpful activity in the form of content.  Bill Gates wasn’t wrong when he said “Content is King”.  When you use a podcast transcription service to have your podcasts transcribed and added to your website/blog, search engines see that as content.  This makes your podcasts not only easily searchable, but tells the search engines that they have new, fresh content on their website.  What this also does is boost your ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) on all premier search engines, especially Google.  So people can easily find you.  At the end of the day, whether you’re doing this to make money or to help people, getting easily found is the goal, right?  Podcast transcription also immensely helps hearing-disabled people.  Which ultimately expands your user base.

How do we help you with Podcast Transcription?

Isn’t affordable podcast transcription just the answer to ALL your prayers?  With our experience of over a decade in podcast transcription and search engine optimization, we will make sure that your podcast transcripts are optimized as per the latest search engine algorithms.  We make sure our team is continuously updated with the latest algorithms, SEO and social media trends.  We don’t let them rest, sleep or eat!  In all seriousness, if you want an article related to your podcast go live on your website or blog within 1-2 days or producing it, we can do that.  All our transcribers have developed speeds of up to 100 WPM over years of podcast transcription experience.  And doing that won’t break your bank, in fact it’s very affordable.  Just click the links at the end of this post to find out more.

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Unless you record your podcasts in an auction house, or use a microphone from the 1990s, I think it’s safe to say your recording equipment resembles the image above.  In which case, it’s safe for us to assume the audio quality will be crystal clear.  In which case, we can guarantee 99% transcript accuracy for our podcast transcription services.  If you’re not happy, you get your money back.  You also get huge discounts for bulk orders or long-term contracts.  On top of search engine algorithms, we encourage our team to be well-versed with current affairs, general knowledge and latest news.  During our interview process we make sure we hire people who have not been living under a cave for the last 5 years.  But if they are good at transcription, hey, who are we to judge?

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