If you’re a podcaster, podcast transcription services can be your best friend if you want to improve the ranking of your website, YouTube, or Vimeo video channels and get large masses of people to not only watch your videos, but also come back later and subscribe.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  In simple terms, it means optimizing the content on your website, your YouTube channel or your social media channels (SMO – Social Media Optimization) so that you come up first in search engine or social media results every time someone searches for any one of the thousand keywords related to your niche.

better SEO with podcast transcription services

Keywords are simply search terms, or part of a search term.  For example “podcast transcription services” is a keyword that someone may search for on Google.  Which is close to what you probably searched for, and how you’ve ended up here.  If you weave these keywords into your show title or description, your chances of getting found on Google become much stronger.

Why are Podcasts so Popular?

Everyone loves to get their information on-the-go, which is where podcasts have been so successful.  There are plenty of podcasts available online on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, on any topic you’d like.  You can even find podcasts talking about zombies!

Some of the best podcasts on the internet with thousands, even millions of subscribers, include:

People now prefer to see the relaxed, unscripted, “real” side of celebrities in podcasts where they’re allowed to speak their mind on stuff that is not censored on your usual news channels or talk shows.

elon musk joe rogan podcast transcription services

All the podcasts listed above can provide hours of entertainment (if you have the time).  Another thing they have in common is that they’re audio or video files that you can either stream online, or download onto your device to listen at a later time.

How can You make Your Podcast Better?

It’s no secret that if you make your podcast entertaining, not just by your standards, but by global standards, and you market it right, you will be a success.  It takes planning and practice, and finally execution.

Unique, fresh, entertaining, engaging content is the cornerstone of every successful podcast or YouTube series on the internet.

We’ve done extensive research, talked to several YouTubers and podcasters to find the best tactics to grow your subscriber base in our post 5 Ways to Gain more YouTube Subscribers with Video Transcription.

In brief, the steps are:

  1. Start making more podcasts more often
  2. Plan and practice your intro
  3. Make sure your podcasts have the minimum distractions
  4. Make sure your podcasts are not boring
  5. Optimize your video titles and design descriptive thumbnails
  6. Provide transcripts of your podcasts

How Can Your Podcasts Reach More People?

1. Offer More than One Way to Consume Your Content

podcast transcription services gives you options

Listeners oftentimes may face accessibility issues.  For example, if someone has a slow internet connection, either they’re in a weak signal area, or they’re out of internet coverage area entirely, it can be really difficult to stream or download your podcast, especially videos compared to audio because of a larger file size.

While this doesn’t happen too often in 2019, it is still a possibility if someone wants to go camping.

In which case, your podcasts can serve as light reading, especially for someone who wants to cancel all the noise out while camping or when out in nature.

2. Help the Hearing Impaired and get them Onboard

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), almost 500 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss.  And that number is close to 30 million people in the USA alone, who are either completely deaf or hard of hearing.  It is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have disabling hearing loss.”

Those are staggering numbers, and a large number of the population your podcast cannot reach because you don’t have transcripts on your website or blog.  Especially if the topic of your podcast is something that can really benefit them.

Using podcast transcription services to help the hearing disabled consume your content ensures you have a wider reach as far as listeners and viewers go.

3. Offer Subtitles/Closed Captions for your Video Podcast Series


  • For people that are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Most people watch videos on mute
  • Most people prefer videos with subtitles

With the popularity of Joe Rogan’s podcast series, many others have followed suit where the audience now gets to see the person being interviewed.

To make sure people still watch your video, simply add the option of closed captions or subtitles for podcasts.

podcast transcription services subtitles

Reach a wider audience + gain more subscribers + readymade content for SEO and Social Media = WIN!

How does Podcast SEO work?

What if you’re producing regular audio/video content, but are still struggling to find more viewers and subscribers?  Is your podcast easy to find?  Is your podcast’s description copy optimized?  Is it tougher for you to rank on search engines like Google and video services like YouTube and Vimeo etc.?

This is where SEO and aspects of digital marketing come into play.  But where do podcast transcription services factor into all this?  Let’s delve deeper into that.

Podcast Transcripts = Readymade content for SEO

All major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! have what are called web crawlers.  Think of it as like Spiderman, but without all the coolness.

These web crawlers go through every single website on the internet either every week, or every single day, or maybe multiple times in a day, or even every hour.

Nobody knows, only Google does.

Now, as advanced as these web crawlers may be, they are not advanced enough to read/listen to audio or video.  They can only read written content at the moment.  Unless a complex human-mind like AI is invented that can analyze audio and video.

At the moment, search engine crawlers find new, relevant, optimized written content on your website or channel, and report back to Google.

This is where it gets interesting.

Google absolutely loves relevant, brand new, helpful, well written content.  And that content acts as a positive vote in your website’s favour.  The more positive votes your website gets, the higher it climbs in search engine rankings.

This is where podcast transcription services can help you to get ahead of your competitors.

How can Podcast Transcription Services Help You get More Subscribers?

When you get your podcast transcribed,  you get a word-by-word reproduction of everything you talked about.  What’s more, you can choose to have your podcast transcribed either:

  • Verbatim: Includes every single word spoken in your podcast.
  • Non-Verbatim: Gets rid of repeated words, filler words, cleans up grammar.
  • Edited & Optimized: Content ready to be published on website/blog, YouTube/Vimeo and Social Media.

Let’s take our podcast transcription services as an example.  All you have to do is upload your podcast audio on our website, or just give us the link/URL and we’ll do the rest.  At $1.20 per minute, we can provide either:

  • A fully formatted verbatim transcript
  • Or add subtitles to your video
  • Or an edited & optimized content transcript

What’s more, you can upload your entire podcast series via FTP and we’ll either email the transcripts to you as they are done, or even publish them on your website/blog to save even more of your time!

Time Saved = Money Earned

Adding that content to your website/blog/channel on a regular basis makes sure that you are found easily online on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask etc.

Quotable, Shareable Content

social sharing with podcast transcription services

Attention in 2019 is squarely in the smartphone.  Chances are you’re reading this article on a smartphone.  People will share your entire podcast episode on their social media channels, but chances are their friends won’t watch an entire episode.

BUT if an interesting quote or a funny anecdote from your podcast goes viral, you will get tons of hits.

Two ways to do that;

  1. Either make and share short video clips of your podcast.
  2. Or copy paste optimized text content from your podcast transcripts on your social media channels.

The growth of your social media channels is dependent on your posting frequency.

Podcast transcription services give you pages and pages of useful, optimized, formatted content that is readily available to share on your social media channels.

Or if anybody else on the internet finds what they like in your content, they can link to your website, or just share a quote from your show on their own profile.  It’s easy.

If you paid an SEO expert or content writer for optimized content, it will cost you much more.

Podcast transcripts are just a search engine friendly copy of your podcast.

More Ways Podcast Transcription Services can Help You

Podcast transcripts can be offered as a bonus for subscribing.

When you provide a full transcript of your show to the visitors of your website, it ensures your content is getting consumed by a wider listener/viewer/reader base.

All that dovetails into your show’s popularity and your ranking on the web.

Sure, the tone and modalities of a speaker cannot be captured in text, but these days transcripts can come very close with the use of interactive tags and other tools.

Why ScriptoSphere?

podcast transcription services, choose ScriptoSphere

Our Experience:

  • Active Podcast Transcription Services for over 15 Years
  • Extensive Experience Working with Podcasters
  • Academic and Media Transcription Experience
  • Digital Marketing and SEO Experience
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  • Seamless Process + Top Class Customer Service