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Video Transcription Services

video transcription services

$1.20 Per Audio Minute, 99% Accuracy, Quick Turnaround

We are an audio and video transcription services company based in the UK.

We employ language specialists and video editors from around the world as transcribers, quality analysts and experts in closed captions and subtitles.

This ensures your videos will not only be accurate, but our team actually knows what they’re doing!

And that shows in our “Excellent” rating with 100% 5-Star Reviews.

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Upload your files and get started

No need to register.  Just enter your email address, choose the files you want to upload from the device of your choice, enter any message you’d like and click on the “SendThisFile” button.

Your files will be sent securely to us, and you will receive your quote via email.


Please don’t close this page while your files are uploading.

You can ask for a FREE 5 minute trial.  Just mention it in your message, along with any other requests like larger number of file uploads, special formatting etc.

We can set up a secure FTP account for you to upload larger video files.

We can also convert your video to audio files for you.  Or you can do it yourself using VLC media player.

Contact us for any clarifying questions.

Our Expertise

video transcription services, subtitles


Subtitles open up your video content to audiences around the world.

Out of the world’s approximately 7.8 billion inhabitants, 1.5 billion speak English.  That’s 19% of the Earth’s population.  However, most of those people aren’t native English speakers.

About 360 million people speak English as their first language.  And there are about 743 million non-native English speakers in the world.

Not Everyone Speaks English

80% of the views on YouTube come from outside US, UK and other countries where English is the primary language.

That tells you that in this digital age, rest of the non-English speaking world is super eager to consume your content.

If you can reach a segment of the online population who don’t speak any English (approximately 2 billion people), simply by adding subtitles to your videos, you will get the best return on your video investment.

With the amazing success of the Korean movie Parasite winning an Oscar, and many foreign films and shows garnering global popularity with the help of subtitles, this is one aspect you simply can’t ignore.

video transcription services, closed captions

Closed Captions

Close to 30 million people in the USA alone are either completely deaf or hard of hearing.

According to the WHO, “Around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss.  And it is estimated that by 2050 over 900 million people will have disabling hearing loss.”

You also add in viewers who might have trouble processing auditory or speech components in media, as well as over a billion second or foreign language English speakers.

Videos with closed captions receive a 40% spike in viewing and videos with both captions and subtitles experience an 80% increase in viewing.

The Large Majority Watch Videos on Mute

According to this data from publishers, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound!  Internal tests at Facebook found that captioned video ads saw a 12% increase in engagement.

Using our video transcription services, you can give your viewers the option of accurate closed captions on your videos.

video transcription services, youtube

YouTube Transcription

Let’s be honest, the default automatic YouTube captions are crap.  The internet is full of funny memes and parodies making fun of catastrophic errors on videos.

What is not funny though is you losing viewers or subscribers because they can’t understand your videos, and YouTube’s captions make it worse.

How to Get New YouTube Subscribers?

Reaching new audiences is a cornerstone of business success.  With accurate closed captions, you add viewers to your audience who would normally be unable to fully comprehend the video because of either hearing impairment or not comprehending the language.

More importantly, your content might be able to help the hearing disabled in ways you may not know.

By using our youtube video transcription services to add accurate closed captions to your videos, or by publishing transcripts of your videos on your website or blog, you make it easier and more accessible for people to consume your content.

Client Testimonials

Best service in my experience

Wow, simply top notch! I just had to login here and share this with anyone looking for excellent professionalism and quality service for subtitles work. I make movies and was facing a race agaisnst time to get our short film for a festival deadline, Scriptosphere was picked on whim because the title just rang with me, I was expecting a decent enough job since I wanted the delivery in a day, I asked them to treat it as a special case and boy have these guys delivered or what. I couldn’t find one mistake in language construction (that could also be to my short comings as a literary guy) but full points to these guys for delivering more than what was expected, on time and technically sound. Highly recommended to anyone who likes working with no nonsense professionals. I have already thanked you guys on mail but here is another one, thanks and good luck ahead! Cheers 😊👍🏼

Baljeet M

Assistant Director

Mumbai, India

Excellent people and excellent work!

Ashish and the rest of the ScriptoSphere team are nothing short of fantastic! They offer high-quality transcription with quick turnarounds and excellent, clear communication. I can’t imagine going to anyone else for transcription projects.

Kevin W

Harvard University 
Cambridge, USA


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the transcription service work?2020-09-14T08:51:47+01:00

You upload your audio or video files on this page or on our transcription services page.

Or contact us with the scope of your project.

We get back to you with a quote.

We sign a confidentiality agreement if needed.

You make payment towards the quote on our secure payment gateway verified by Visa and MasterCard.

Transcripts are emailed to you as soon as they are done.

How much does it cost?2020-09-18T08:36:01+01:00

Audio & Video Transcription ($1.20 Per Audio Minute):

  • Transcription + Proofreading
  • Time Stamps Included
  • 99% Accuracy
  • 2-3 Days Turnaround
  • Verbatim Included

RUSH Transcription ($2.40 Per Audio Minute):

  • Transcription + Proofreading
  • Time Stamps Included
  • 99% Accuracy
  • 12-24 Hours Turnaround
  • Verbatim Included

Machine Transcription ($0.10 Per Audio Minute):

  • Single Speaker Dictations Work Best
  • Crystal Clear Audio Required
  • Transcript won’t be formatted
  • No Speaker Labeling
  • Proofreading not included

For more information, please visit our transcription rates page.

If you know the total duration of your recorded audio (in minutes), you can calculate how much your project will cost using the rate calculator app on this page.

Where do I upload my files?2020-09-14T08:50:52+01:00

You can upload your files in the upload box on this page if you scroll above.

Or on our Transcription Services page by clicking here.

If you would like a FREE 5 Minute Trial, please mention that in your message.

There is no need to register, and you can upload 5 files at a time.  This is the quickest way.

If you have a large project however, and would like to upload all your files at once, we can set up an FTP account for you, which will make uploading large projects a breeze.

How is the turnaround time for a project calculated?2020-09-14T08:51:58+01:00

Several factors determine how long it will take for us to complete a project, such as:

Audio Quality: Difficult audio takes longer to transcribe. Which is why it’s a bit more expensive as well.

Audio Duration: It takes longer to transcribe larger projects.

Our Workload: If we’re handling too many projects at the same time, turnaround times may get affected.

Where are you located?2020-09-14T08:51:11+01:00

We are based in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, with employees from all parts of the world.

We have transcribers and proofreaders based in the UK, USA, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

To achieve 99% accuracy on transcripts, we look for a mix of intelligence, aptitude for language, skill and experience.

Where can I read your reviews?2020-09-14T08:52:50+01:00

You can read our TrustPilot reviews here.  We are rated “Excellent” with 100% 5-Star Verified Reviews.

A lot of our customers left reviews before we registered with TrustPilot, which you can read by clicking here or by clicking “Testimonials” in the top menu.

What about confidentiality?2020-09-14T08:51:21+01:00

If required, we will sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

All our employees, here and abroad are bound by confidentiality agreements written into their contracts.

Confidential work is assigned only to in-house transcribers and proofreaders using secure communication.

Any freelancer has to sign an NDA before accepting work from us as well.

All audio and video files are deleted from our hard drives once transcription is complete.

Transcripts will be kept in archives until client confirms they’ve received them.

And then deleted from our systems entirely within 2 weeks of confirmation.

Why do you cost a bit more compared to your competition?2020-09-14T08:56:16+01:00

Our rates are all inclusive, and there are no hidden costs or “taxes” in quotes or final invoices.

According to our loyal clients, our transcripts are of much higher quality compared to many of our big name competitors.

We strive to achieve 99.9% accuracy on every transcript, irrespective of audio quality.

And that shows in our verified TrustPilot Reviews where we are rated “Excellent” with 100% 5-Star Reviews.

This means every transcript is checked by a quality analyst for errors, which many of our competitors don’t bother to do.

While we may cost a bit more, and take a bit longer, our meticulous attention to detail saves you time and money in the long run.

Our transcripts do not require proofreading by you.

We also believe in compensating our employees properly for the hard work that is put into audio transcription.

How can I save time and money on transcription?2020-09-14T08:53:01+01:00

We strive to always help people with in-depth, helpful guides on how they can save money on transcription.  Whether they are our customers yet or not.

These guides contain extensively researched, proven strategies suggested by industry experts and used by our past and present customers.

Click on any one of the topics below to access actionable tips and tricks before you record your audio or video:

What is the default transcription style?2020-09-14T08:53:08+01:00

If there are no instructions from the client, by default we transcribe non-verbatim.

Which means we delete repeated words, filler words or verbal nods like “um, ah, you know, um hmm” etc. and clean up grammar.

However, if you require verbatim transcription, we do that too at no extra charge.

Need Help?  We are Here for You

We regularly help our readers and clients alike with useful guides with tips and tricks to save time and money.

These in-depth guides may help before you record your next interview.

Click on the image to read the article.

how to record video interviews from home in 2020
how to get more subscribers for your youtube channel
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To see more in-depth guides, click here

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