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Quality is our focus and priority. We make sure the final document is accurate and complete. Our team consists of experienced professionals with university degrees in English and various different languages, plus Law, Medicine, Journalism, Designing and Programming.

We are one of the leading global translation companies with highly qualified professional translators. We provide language services in 10+ languages and specialize in scientific, mining, legal, patent, life sciences translation, and website localization + SEO for major companies around the world.

Our pricing is transparent, reasonable and affordable, yet we never compromise on quality. Translated documents are sent to you in whichever format you want, be it DOC, TXT, PDF, HTML. We accept a wide range of audio files too.
AT LEAST 98% accuracy, with the best translators and proofreaders available, trained not only to be fast, but deliver quality. Best native translators around the world. Each translated document is double checked for accuracy by our seasoned editors. We provide rush translations as well and can meet almost any deadline, no matter how tight.

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Language Translation

We are at the forefront of providing accurate scientific, medical, legal, patent and business language translation services. Our global network consists of some of the best translators in the industry, which assures relevance to culture and precise translation for even some of the most remote dialects. We process multiple projects with thousands of pages of specialized technical and legal terminology for our clients.


Translation Accuracy

Our translation accuracy comes from working exclusively with certified, professional native translators  and experts in the related technical fields. For us it is paramount to maintain and preserve the original meaning and intent of the document, while also being aware of cultural sensitivities. Our language translation service delivers accurate and easily comprehensible documents.

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Professional, Certified Translators

All translators we hire, must first pass a series of rigorous tests and evaluations before they are chosen to join our team and begin providing superior translation services. A project manager, in the form of a senior translator, is assigned to each project. Upon the successful completion of the project, we deliver the translation in the format preferred by the client.