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Verbatim transcription, for the layman out there, refers to a transcript which contains everything uttered by all speakers in an interview.  That includes their  cats’ meows, their dogs’ woofs and their grandma’s pots and pans.  We won’t transcribe the last 3 things if you don’t want us to.  As the name suggests; every single utterance, whether it be crappy filler words  like “Um, uh, ah,  you know” etc. or repeated words, are transcribed.  It takes us a long time to do it, but we don’t charge an extra dime.  Don’t you love us already?  How awesome are we?  Humility aside, verbatim transcription is not the most preferred style for many clients.  Some need it, especially for some academic transcription clients, some business transcription clients, or some scientific researchers.  Along with filler words, we can also spy on the couple sitting near you in the restaurant you recorded the interview in.  Just kidding.  (Psst: Ask for it in the email)

How does our team do it?

To undertake this kind of non-spying verbatim transcription work, our skilled transcriptionists have to go slower than usual.  Furthermore, they make sure they transcribe each and every word.  Also, they accurately label long pauses, coughing, laughter, chuckles, procrastination, emancipation, and chakra cleansing.  Our team also has to make sure they remember it’s a verbatim file every second of the file.  That keeps them from falling into the default non-verbatim mode.  We’ll give the file one thorough final review anyway to make sure all useless words have been included.  And we’ll do that, without complaining, at no extra charge.  All you have to do is specify verbatim transcription or non-verbatim at the time of assignment.  I know, you must be thinking this is too good to be true.  But it is not!  Just contact us to find more info.

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