This updated list of the 5 best audio recording apps for Android is back after popular demand.

A lot of our clients have asked us to suggest the best voice or audio recording apps for Google’s popular Android OS.

With Apple’s walled garden approach and bizarre decisions lately, more people are migrating to Android than ever before.

Not surprisingly, these stats show that Android is now on 87% of the smartphones around the world as per the last study done in 2019-2020.

Expect that to increase even further in 2021.

Best Pre-Installed Voice Recorder Apps

Any half-decent smartphone or tablet today comes with pre-loaded audio recording apps and built-in high quality microphones.

In fact most modern smartphones now come with two microphones.

That’s often more than good enough to record interviews, speeches, meetings, lectures or even podcasts if you’re just starting out.

In some cases, these audio recording apps are even good enough to record music at concerts.

If you’re an iPhone user, please take a look at our article for the 5 Best Voice Recording Apps for iPhone.

Much like the Voice Memos app that comes pre-installed on iOS for iPhones and iPads, Android has pre-installed audio recording apps on its devices too.

You will see the same basic voice-recorder app from manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC etc. with slight variations.

Samsung Voice Recorder

samsung audio recording apps for android


  • Comes pre-loaded and absolutely free on Samsung’s Android devices.
  • Playback and editing capabilities to help you trim recordings.
  • Speech to text feature to convert your voice recordings into  text.
  • Interview recording mode uses both top and bottom microphones of your device.
  • Save your recordings to SD card.
  • Reject incoming calls while recording.
  • Background recording by pressing the home button.
  • No ads the last time we checked.

This pre-loaded app surprisingly takes care of all the basic recording needs.

Furthermore, you can save your recordings on an SD card to avoid using your phone’s internal storage.

In addition to that, you can save the recordings to Google Drive, Dropbox, add them to Notes or Todoist, copy them to Slack, or share them on other apps like WhatsApp.

Best Audio Recording Apps on Google Play Store

A lot of these voice-recording apps are free to use with super basic feature